Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Please give these four songs your undivided attention.

Cloud’s Song – Brent Walsh

Though I love I The Mighty, I would be completely content if Brent quit that band and put out music like this for the rest of his life. This song is absolutely beautiful and haunting. The lyrics about questioning if God is listening is relatable and honest, and the story of love is beautifully heartbreaking. Brent’s ability to tell a story in this song is unmatched, combined with a beautiful acoustic guitar rendition that is so simple but perfectly put together. The swell of strings in the closing half of the song round it out impeccably well. If you only listen to one song I ever promote, make it this one.

Genre: Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter


Endless Summer – Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains has been around for a while, and it seems that signing to Tooth & Nail will finally give him and his band that push they deserve. This catchy song is a perfect beach/summer song, and I can’t wait to listen to it this coming summer with toes in the sand. This is a perfect progression from their previous work, showcasing their ability to improve on what was already really good. Though it’s not “in your face” music, the subtlety of his voice matched with the palm-muted guitar is brilliant for this song.

Genre: Pop-Rock


With You – Ky Rodgers

Ky is officially making a mark on the map of emo hip-hop, claiming his territory. Similarities to nothing,nowhere are valid, but I like Ky’s mix of singing and rapping much more. The chorus hits hard, swelling emotionally with “I don’t wanna forget you / I just wanna be with you.” These beautiful lyrics are complimented well by a subdued beat accompanied incredibly well by guitar work akin to LANY.

Genre: Emo Hip-Hop


Blue In The Dark – Bearings

Bearings aren’t messing around. This song, this album is the best work they’ve ever put out, and instead of following the pop-punk trends, they’ve created a timeless album with incredible lyrics and amazing instrumentals. The gang vocals in the chorus demand a crowd to sing them back, and the video matches the tone for the song perfectly. It’s a beautiful summer love song, and the happiness exudes throughout every aspect of the song.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

If you wanna hear more, here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs I’ve ever featured. Throw it on shuffle and find something new.