Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


I’ve got three bouncy tracks and one bonecrusher to keep you warm.

Breath – Hold Close

Though Hold Close has been really good on the past couple releases, this song is a huge step forward. “Breath” is beautiful, a calm, emotional song that builds excellently. The chorus carries serious weight as the melody writing shines through. Marked well by some great harmonies and strings, Breath just might be the best song they’ve released, and it definitely proves they’ve got more up their sleeve than initially thought.

Genre: Alternative Rock

Break Hearts – Swear Jar

Vancouver locals Swear Jar definitely lean heavily into the punk side of the pop-punk, with one of their monikers being “too punk to be pop-punk.” Regardless of if you believe that statement is true or not, what’s unmistakable is this song is great. The production is a little muddy, lending itself further to the punk and DIY sound, and it works well, especially in a scene with so many polished bands. Clocking in at just over two minutes, this song gets in and gets out, and it’ll leave you wanting to go back to listen again and again. Keep both eyes on this band as they’re poised to make great music.

Genre: Pop-Punk

Consequence – Bodysnatcher

The sub-subgenre of Beatdown is definitely hit or miss, and this one hits. Hard. This song has topnotch production and is well written. Bodysnatcher proves on “Consequence” why they deserve attention in this scene, arguably a continuous breakdown that is heavier than anything most bands put out their entire careers. The closing breakdown is insane and gives enough variety that the whole song doesn’t blend together. For fans of the genre, Bodysnatcher proves it’s not going away anytime soon.

Genre: Beatdown Metalcore

Disconnected – Sleep On It

While plenty of pop-punk bands are abandoning the sound that made them blow up in the first place, Sleep On It have chosen to stay the course, and its clearly the right decision. This song, while in the same sound and genre, is distinct enough from their previous album to satisfy fans that want more of the same and fans that want something a little different. Zech’s voice continues to be one of the most unique in the genre, causing them to stand out in a sea of copycats. What stands out on this song is an extremely strong chorus, showcasing the best parts of what the band has to offer. Incredibly accessible and musically creative, Sleep On It are a band for everyone.

Genre: Pop-Punk


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