Top 10 EPs of the Year

These are my absolute favourite EPs of 2018. There’s some incredible variety on this list, so please give these a shot!

10. 1981 Extended Play – I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME


This debut EP from electro-rock duo iDK How is so unique and special. They took some serious inspiration from the 80s for this, like Kraftwerk, and their dedication paid off. This is the new band from Dallon Weekes, whom you might know from Panic! At The Disco fame.

Check out: Do It All The Time


9. Spiral Gaze – Off Road Minivan


This alternative rock side project from Fit For A King bassist Ryan O’Leary is so special and enjoyable to listen to. It’s quite the change of pace from FFAK, and has some incredible songwriting.

Check out: Spiral Gaze

8. Saboteur – The Threats


Long Live The Chariot side projects. The Threats feature a number of members of the former chaoscore juggernaut, and they took that energy straight into this one. Lots of energy and yelling in this tiny EP.

Check out: Lifeboat

7. This Place Is A Movie – First Ghost


First Ghost continue to get better with each project they put out. Their indie-rock style is so well calculated and written that this EP goes by in a blink. Each song carries so much emotion and passion.

Check out: Burnt Out

6. I: The Arrow – Andy Mineo


This recent turn from Hip-Hop artist Andy Mineo to a more honest and raw approach to art is a welcomed one, especially in a genre full of boasting and putting up a front. This honest look in at his heart is a revealing and beautiful project worth so much more than just the stream. This is what true art sounds like.

Check out: Clarity

5. Pressure Cracks EP – Pressure Cracks


Letlive and THEFEVER333 are both great, but Pressure Cracks is the music I had always wished Jason Bulter would make, and it does not disappoint. The energetic and chaotic hardcore packs a punch missing from a lot of hardcore these days.

Check out: Be A Wolf

4. Youth Fountain EP – Youth Fountain


This Vancouver Pop-Punk duo had a big year in signing to Pure Noise Records and going on their first cross-country American tour, all alongside this new EP. While a lot of the songs had been released before, it’s still a worthy EP for Rose Coloured Glass, the new song which shows the direction they’ll be heading on their new project in 2019.

Check out: Rose Coloured Glass

3. More To Me Than Misery – Homebound


Pop-Punk/Rock sounds so much better when done correctly, and that’s what Homebound brings to the table. Their 2017 EP also made my list that year, and they delivered that some passion and talent again this year.

Check out: Truth Be Told

2. Ultraviolet – My Epic


My Epic continues to be one of my favourite bands in terms of the quality of musicianship and lyrics they release. I have a hard time listening to worship music because the lyrics and music feel so watered down and formulaic, but My Epic replace all of that in my heart with their artistry and passion. They have theologically deep lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies and music. I want everyone to discover this band.

Check out: Voices

1. Private Room – Counterparts


Though just a three track b-side release, this melodic hardcore band Counterparts offering is still better than many bands’ best song. They pack that energy and punch that fans have grown to love from Counterparts, and songs like We Forgive feature a sound from a few releases ago which new fans may not be aware of. Whether you’re a fan of the band or just hardcore in general, this is one everyone should hear.

Check out: Monument