Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Wishful Sinking – blessthefall

After being a band for a little over a decade, blessthefall are back for their sixth album. “Wishful Sinking,” the second single for their upcoming album, features what every fan has grown to love from the band: fast, technical riffs, Beau’s crooning and Jared’s scream. While this is an extremely dynamic song, it never quite pushes itself into that heavy side where bassist Jared truly shines. The song varies from very soft moments in the first verse, to an anthemic chorus, and riffs that are creative and enjoyable. The electronic elements the band has been toying with for the past few albums are back in full force, staking their claim in this song for better or worse. This song is a bit of a return to what many listeners loved in the first place, and is better than the first single they released for this album, but it still lacks that heavy side. If this is a taste for what is to come, there’s lots to be anticipating, and while it may just be a blessthefall release with nothing new, even a run-of-the-mill blessthefall album is still better than a lot of albums out there.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore

RIYL: The Word Alive, The Amity Affliction, We Came As Romans


Johnny Cash (Acoustic) – Wage War

Wage War prove with this song that they’re more than a heavy band with fast riffs and faster breakdowns. This emotional side of the band creates an atmosphere for listeners to see the musicianship shine. What’s most impressive with this song is Briton’s clean vocals, as many haven’t heard his cleans before, and they’re impressive. The rest of the band rounds this song out well. It’s not a typical acoustic song with one acoustic guitar. They arranged this song to make atmosphere and that effort shines through. The battling vocal lines in the bridge sound glorious. “Johnny Cash” wasn’t the best song on Deadweight, but this rendition forces listeners to revisit it with a renewed understanding. Their ability to reinterpret their own songs with such skill calls to mind the best “soft” moments of bands like A Day To Remember. There are some bands that cannot pull off an acoustic or re-imagined approach, but Wage War have proven they can do it with ease.

Genre: Acoustic

RIYL: This Wild Life, Story of the Year, A Day To Remember


Moving Pictures – The Burden

Hailing from Prince George, The Burden are one of the “local” bands I’ve seen and support whole heartedly. After an EP and debut full length, they are back with another EP, set to be released February 28th. Produced by local legend Jordan Chase of Shreddy Krueger and Secret & Whisper fame, The Burden are putting their best foot forward with this release. “Moving Pictures” sees the band team up with Dreambound Promotion for this single, premiering it exclusively on their YouTube page, allowing for many more people to discover this incredible band. The Burden wear their mid-2000s metalcore influences on their sleeve, clearly drawing from bands like Silverstein and Underoath, while not feeling derivative of those bands, instead making something fresh and new. The mix of clean and screamed vocals sets a great balance, allowing for the rest of the band to shine in select moments. After years of grinding it out in the local scene, 2018 will be the year The Burden finally make the jump, and it is well deserved.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore

RIYL: Silverstein, Underoath, Secrets


ruiner – nothing,nowhere.

First of all, congratulations to nothing,nowhere for signing to Fueled By Ramen Records, as that’s a huge move for them. N,n.’s brand of experimental hip-hop mixed with midwest emo is original, unique and extremely attractive. With the passing of Lil Peep, this style is getting more attention, and n,n. is the next one up. Not only is the music unique, but Joe’s lyricism is unlike anyone else’s. He skillfully tells stories, engaging emotions of depression and anxiety, coaxing feelings of nostalgia and melancholy in listeners. Unlike many of the artists in this genre, n,n. has steered into the scene and has been embraced, going on tour with La Dispute, Thrice, Real Friends & Tiny Moving Parts, and having a song featuring Dashboard’s Chris Carrabba. His deep, methodical approach to his lyrics and musicianship is reflected by his fanbase, who are as invested in his art as he is.

Genre: Emo Hip-Hop

RIYL: Lil Peep, Lil Lotus, Oliver Francis


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