TetraT: 71

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM FEBRUARY 13-19. Wishful Sinking – blessthefall After being a band for a little over a decade, blessthefall are back for their sixth album. “Wishful Sinking,” the second single for their upcoming album, features what every fan has grown to love from the band: fast, … Continue reading TetraT: 71

TetraT: 40

The top four tracks from the week of July 5-11. Golden Fate; Water Break – Alpha Wolf Alpha Wolf once again prove that Australians make better metalcore. These past few album singles are the first I’ve heard from Alpha Wolf, and this track is the first I’ve really liked. They play a heavy, sludgy version … Continue reading TetraT: 40

TetraT: 24

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks This week was amazing for songs, and I left off both Northlane and Capture’s new songs for these other four (go check them out though). Listen and let me know what you think! The Less You Know (Reimagined) – First Ghost First Ghost continues to amaze me. I only found these … Continue reading TetraT: 24