TetraT: 102

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM SEPTEMBER 18TH-24TH. Couldn’t choose so I’m featuring five tracks this week. Quite the spread of genres this week, and all are worth exploring. Keeping Up – Microwave After two years without new music, Microwave has finally dropped a new track and it’s incredible. One … Continue reading TetraT: 102

TetraT: 71

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM FEBRUARY 13-19. Wishful Sinking – blessthefall After being a band for a little over a decade, blessthefall are back for their sixth album. “Wishful Sinking,” the second single for their upcoming album, features what every fan has grown to love from the band: fast, … Continue reading TetraT: 71

TetraT: 63

The top four brand new tracks from the week of December 12-18. Bad – Heavy Eyes Luke Holland is back at it again making incredibly good music. This brand new band featuring three members is funky, groovy and vibes hard. The bass and guitars are heavily influenced by funk, while maintaining a modern approach to … Continue reading TetraT: 63

Tetrat: 41

The top four tracks from the week of July 12-18. Goodbye – Echosmith Echosmith are making the transition into a more radio-friendly pop instead of the indie rock/pop they got big off of, and I’m all for it. They have a skill in songwriting that is unlike any others, whether it’s indie rock or straight … Continue reading Tetrat: 41