Every year, there is one week that almost double the amount of singles get released as usual. This was that week. After sifting through 40 singles, I couldn’t come down to just 4.

So, here are the top 8 tracks for the week of June 14 to 20. Strap in, there’s a lot of good ones.

Kidz – Andy Mineo x Wordsplayed

Forever the jokesters, Mineo and Wordsplayed put together this hilarious music video to their lead single, Kidz, for their upcoming mixtape labeled Magic & Bird, which is also hilarious. The beat brings the classic bass line, and it bangs pretty hard. Wordsplayed is one of my favourite rappers in the game right now, and his flow is showcased perfectly in this song. Mineo brings up the other side, able to string together some of the wittiest one liners. I’m really looking forward to this mixtape and the start of the Miner League. Keep those tracks coming, and I’ll keep banging them. This song also showcases their hearts behind their music. They love their fans, the kids, and people who support them. In the Christian Hip-Hop community, there are a lot of people who judge. People think they’re too Christian, or not Christian enough, or just the fact that they are Christian causes problems. They do this stuff for their fans, and that’s what’s amazing about it all.

RIYL: Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator


What’s Wrong – PVRIS

PVRIS continue their trek towards ruling the entire world with their new song. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but it really feels like it. Their style of electro rock shines through in this song, where the chorus and especially the bridge shine out. Gunn’s vocals are truly what make this band special, and they’re utilized incredibly well in this song. The call of the bridge, “No I never sold my soul,” rings out and stays in my head long after the song ends. That moment, where she shouts those lyrics out and the other two members of the band are able to branch out from the straightforward rock they had been doing is everything I want this band to be, and while the glimpse will do, I really hope PVRIS don’t become a band who plays the same style of radio electro rock over and over. This song itself has a tongue-in-cheek hook, saying Lynn doesn’t need a metaphor to let her ex know that she’s miserable, a nod to label executives and fans alike always desiring some deep lyrics that need to be deciphered. Lynn ain’t happy, and she’s not going to sugarcoat it.

RIYL: The Weeknd, Nine Inch Nails, Tonight Alive


Drift – Hands Like Houses

HLH are back at it again. I’m always amazed at how many layers there is to their songs. There are so many guitar riffs layered over top of one another, and it’s so subtle. The bass shines for only a few seconds at the beginning of the second verse, but it’s such a great moment. These guys have really decided to step in that heavier direction, as the guitars have way more grit, and Trent is definitely doing more screams than on the past record, and they have some metalcore moments almost as nods to the genre, while not diving fully into that genre. They’ve become much more riffy, but I feel like part of them is lost to time. They aren’t as original of a band as they were, when they had much deeper lyrics and more experimental guitar a la Emarosa or even Dance Gavin Dance. That being said, this song still gets my head bobbing, and I can dig it. I like the heavier moments, and it’s another good entry into the HLH discography.

RIYL: Erra, Memphis May Fire, Our Last Night


Feel Nothing – The Plot In You

What started as a side project for Landon Tewers turned into an incredible full-time band in The Plot In You. This song in the lead single for their upcoming fourth album, and they keep getting better and better. I really love the chorus, and a glance through the YouTube comments shares my feelings. It’s so big. Anthemic chorus, worthy of filling a stadium. Tewers, the mastermind behind this band, is an incredible musician, and he continues to showcase his abilities through this song. His understanding for how to write a great song shines through in this. He puts the right amount of grit in his voice, the guitars are just heavy enough, and it’s just a great song. Every single moment is calculated. This song is incredible.

RIYL: Like Moths To Flames, Bring Me The Horizon, Sworn In


Abandon – Dayseeker

I loved Dayseeker’s debut album, liked their sophomore a little less, and the past few singles off their upcoming album I liked even less. Then this song dropped. Now, honestly it’s nothing special. It feels like they keep returning to the well they bathed in for their debut. I think the vocal stop he does in the chorus is tacky and annoying. HOWEVER, the instrumentation in this song, though subtle, is really impressive. And the breakdown at the end made me start the song over because of how quickly I changed my mind from not liking it to loving it. The piano work, which I only picked out when I listened with headphones, is really beautiful and takes the song up a level. And right with a little less than one minute left, the song really kicks in with a breakdown that shook me. The lyrics in that moment, cheesy or not, really hit home about the abandonment of a relationship. Overall this song really brings it all together, despite its shortcomings, and that breakdown.

RIYL: Silent Planet, Beartooth, The Color Morale


Summertime Gladness – Dance Gavin Dance

After dropping the album of the decade less than a year ago, DGD are back with a banger single. So technical, and yet so catchy and poppy. Obviously, the title is a reference to Ellie Goulding, and it’s fitting that this feels like one of their most pop-influenced song. In addition to the great song, this music video is incredible, and proves why DGD is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to their art. Every single member of this band is one of the best in the genre at their instruments, and the polyrhythms of all instrumentation is mind-boggling. I love that the two guitar parts are panned to either the left ear or the right. Their attention to detail is brilliant, and their original songwriting always amazes me. Add all of this to one of the best saxophone solos ever right at the end of the song, and you have another Dance Gavin Dance masterpiece.

RIYL: Chiodos, Hail The Sun, Artifex Pereo


Bouquet – Counterparts

In a year where we’ve lost a couple of melodic hardcore juggernauts to genre changes (Hundredth, Being As An Ocean, Capsize) or hiatus (No Bragging Rights), it’s so nice to hear a band continue on and better than ever. Counterparts dropped this new single just in time for warped tour, and it goes in hard. Featuring their heavy rhythms mixed with some great guitar noodling, any fan of Counterparts will find what they’ve grown to love in Bouquet. These guys are poised to really take over the genre and the scene with this upcoming album, and as a fellow Canadian and long time fan, I couldn’t be happier. The riffs and heavy, the chugs are heavy, and everything is angry. And I love it.

RIYL: Stick To Your Guns, Hundredth, Gideon


Nayhoo Feat. Masego & Lophile – Chon

This song is just the biggest summer jam of the summer. Chon, one of the best instrumental bands in the world, collabing with a great r&b artist in Masego and an incredible DJ in Lophiile, who is Scout of Issues fame. All of these combine into this amazing song that just grooves the entire time. The guitar licks, the sweep-picking, and the noodling is what makes this a Chon song. What makes it so amazing is that that takes a backseat to the actual song, which shows what makes a great artist. Chon has always specialized at creating vibey music. This song just takes that to a whole new level. This is a huge step into the experimental direction for Chon, and it’s welcomed. I find instrumental bands can easily turn into one trick ponies, and Chon taking this move proves they want to be progressive. Dope, chill, and groovy summer vibes all around.

RIYL: Kygo, Omi, Mr. Probz