After a month of moving and working, it’s time to get back to the music. Here are the top 4 tracks for the week of June 7 to 13.

Laps Around The Picture Frame – Broadside

This song heavily features Dorian, the guitarist/vocalist of the band, and it really showcases his range and ability to carry the song. Though the lead singer is still here, doing his part, Dorian shines. I really love this song, and each single Broadside releases is leading up to a great sophomore album. No sophomore slump here. Something else I really appreciate about this new album from Broadside is that each song has more layers lyrically than the usual “My girl left me” stuff we tend to get from pop-punk bands. The production on this song is a huge step forward compared to their debut album, further showcasing the progression this band has made over the past two years. Their song writing structure isn’t so set that every song sounds the best, and each instrument stands out and shines in moments by themselves. Each musician is becoming more confident in their instruments, and it truly shows in their writing. This song is leaning more towards the pop side than the punk side of the spectrum, and I really dig it. There’s almost some Paramore vibes in this song, and that’s never a bad thing. All in all, another great single from a band that can only take bigger steps forward.

RIYL: The Seeking, Paramore, Like Pacific


Breathe – Faultlines

This is the first song I’ve heard from Faultlines, and I really dig it. It’s some straightforward post-hardcore/metalcore that grooves. I really like the lead vocalists tone, as it’s strong. Not too whiny or nasally. About half way through the song, the band goes into a half time breakdown that doesn’t get too heavy, and feels like a great changeup from the structure of the song so far. The octave jump from the guitar, while extremely simple, feels placed perfectly. Though this song is a pretty safe, paint-by-numbers song as far as the genre goes, there are glimpses of greatness, and there is huge potential in this band that will grow as time goes on and this band writes more. Great starting place with so much room to grow.

RIYL: Memphis May Fire, Blood Youth, Kingdom of Giants


I’ll Find You Feat. Tori Kelly – Lecrae

Lecrae continues his trek into mainstream music by featuring Tori Kelly, a great artist, in this new song. Honestly, I think Lecrae’s verses are the weakest part of this song. The piano and beat sound like they could easily be a deep cut on the latest Chainsmokers album, and Kelly’s vocals match perfectly with the electro-pop beat. The hook is great, the meaning is great, and it all plays to Kelly’s strengths. Crae’s rapping feels almost out of place. Don’t get me wrong, it still works, but the rest of the song feels so much stronger than his rapping. Each pre-chorus where Lecrae rap-sings feels much more suitable for this song, and it feels like it works much better. Lyrically is always where Lecrae shines the most, and this song is no exception. The message behind the song, whether you’re Christian or not, is a message of hope and endurance, and that’s something everyone can get behind. It’s a very encouraging and inspirational song, and one of Lecrae’s strongest entry’s into the pop stratosphere.

RIYL: The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Kygo


The Gold – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra sounds like no one else, they have such an original sound. Their artistry always comes first with them, showcased by the syncopated 6/8 rhythm and time-signature in this song. Ever the progressors, this song shows the band approaching a new genre, if only slightly, in their moody indie-rock shoegazzy feel. It feels like only a small departure from the more straightforward rock they’re known for, and yet it feels like the natural progression that fans deserve. Everything Manchester Orchestra is loved for is still here: soaring melodies, intricate harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, driving piano, and the combination of quiet and loud moments. It’s been three years since we’ve heard a song from these guys, so this is long overdue, and they deliver exactly what fans want. They are able to encapsulate emotions lyrically that are so simple and understated, but feel so complex and deep. Manchester Orchestra prove why they are the top of the genre, and they really don’t care that they are.

RIYL: Mumford & Sons, Brand New, mewithoutyou