TetraT: 92

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM JULY 10TH-16TH. 4 plus a bonus cause music stay winning. Motions – Aaron Cole Move over Drake, Aaron Cole’s in the house. This song has a dope beat and has a great blend of R&B and Hip-hop styles in the vein that Drake has … Continue reading TetraT: 92

TetraT: 82

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM MAY 1ST-7TH. Been busy lately but I’m ready to get back to sharing some incredible music, starting with there four tracks. Also, I’m going to take away the Recommended If You Like section. It’s only four songs, just give them all a shot. If … Continue reading TetraT: 82

TetraT: 37

Every year, there is one week that almost double the amount of singles get released as usual. This was that week. After sifting through 40 singles, I couldn’t come down to just 4. So, here are the top 8 tracks for the week of June 14 to 20. Strap in, there’s a lot of good ones. … Continue reading TetraT: 37

TetraT: 1

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Flower (Acoustic) – Vanna I watched Vanna at warped tour this summer, and talked to them after their set. They are honestly some of the nicest and most humble dudes I have ever met. This song proves that they have serious diversity. They took one of their top tracks off of … Continue reading TetraT: 1