Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

My favourite four tracks from all the songs released this week.

Broken Reverie – Homebound

Homebound just came across my radar in the past week as they released this EP. Out of every song, this was the standout track for me. I love the aggressive, driving, facepaced throwback punk style that this song has. These guys nail the popular pop-punk sound that’s currently overtaking the scene. While it’s not original, it does show that these guys know how to write a catchy hook. I’m excited for them, and I hope that they can rise above the extremely oversaturated scene of modern pop-punk.

RIYL: The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep


Reason To Stay – Blood Youth

This is the lead single off of Blood Youth’s upcoming debut LP. Having released two EP’s, and a few records as a band under the name of Climates, this has been a long time coming. These boys have an original mix of clean vox and screamed vox, and they really know how to throw a breakdown together. These guys, in my opinion, are going to drop this album right as this style becomes popular again, with bands like Beartooth and Blood Youth leading the way. They combine the elements of melodic hardcore with what makes true hardcore so awesome. Swing your arms around in your living room to this track.

RIYL: Vanna, Beartooth, Stick To Your Guns


Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt

Comparison to both My House by Flo Rida and Love Yourself by Justin Bieber aside, this is an extremely catchy pop country hybrid song. I mean, honestly this is not a country song at all, but Sam Hunt started in the country scene, and so they will continue to claim him for two more records until he fully breaks out in the pop scene like Taylor Swift did a few years ago. Though Hunt definitely released this song in the wrong season, I believe it has the staying power to continue up the charts until summer hits and we can drive around with our windows down. Lyrically, this song does not break any boundaries, keeping the theme of trucks, dirt roads, and a girl without a name going strong. If this is any indication of what the new album will be like, it sounds like we will have an entire album of “House Party” type of songs. And I’m quite alright with that.

RIYL: Jake Owen, Thomas Rhett, Justin Bieber


New Heaven – Hands

Hands broke up in 2011 after releasing an absolute monster of an album. Shortly after, the lead vocalist began another project called Everything In Slow Motion, which treaded on the same territory for the first few releases as Hands did, but under a different moniker due to the other members of hands not being included. However, on the last EISM release, there was a big departure from the heavy side, focusing on the calmer, more melodic side of music. Many thought this was Shane growing into a more radio friendly type of musician. Turns out, he was leaving all the heavy stuff for the newly reformed Hands. Needless to say, him screaming is a welcomed return. Lyrically, Hands continues where they left off, dealing with theology in the most poetic way possible, just like their best friends and labelmates My Epic. They have a driving ability in their music that is so methodical that there’s no question these guys spent as much time as possible to get this right. My excitement for new music from these guys (full length please?) is very high.

RIYL: A Hope For Home, Shai Hulud, Life In Your Way