Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

My favourite four tracks from all the songs released this week.

Candy Hearts – Relient K

This is a true return to form for this band. Following their attempt (and subsequent) at radio success with Collapsible Lung, they came out last year with a new album Air For Free, which was half Collapsible Lung, half Forget and Not Slow Down. However, I still felt it didn’t flow as an album, and it felt forced at many moment for this band. Following that album, they released a Halloween EP, and now a Valentines Day EP. Both of these seem to be Relient K just saying “Screw it, we’ll play what we want.” They have pop leaning songs, some acoustic mellow-dramatic songs, and songs like this one which harken back to MMHMM and Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right days. The guitar opens with a driving rhythm, followed by the raw emotion that Matt is known for. The chord progression is simple, but so perfect. The return of Dave on drums is welcomed. This feels like an old Relient K song, with pop-punk leanings and passion of a broken heart.

RIYL: Cartel, Anberlin, Something Corporate


1959 – Kitsune

Kitsune is a young, local band from Kelowna, and I continue to be impressed with the quality of music these guys are making. Boasting production from Shreddy Krueger frontman Jordan Chase, there is no question that his presence influenced this band-not just on this song, but from the very beginning of the band. There is some extremely technical guitar work in this song, showing that this band isn’t just a chug-chug metalcore band, but a band that actually takes their craft seriously. This song harkens back to the mid-2000’s at the height of post-hardcore dominance, while maintaining a sense of relevance. Time will tell if this band can continue on this trajectory, but I have some seriously high hopes for this upcoming album and the bands career. Keep your eyes on them.

RIYL: Shreddy Krueger/Secret & Whisper, Before Their Eyes, Hands Like Houses


Broken – Vices

Vices are one of my favourite hardcore bands from down under, and while being criminally underrated, they keep putting out absolute bangers. This song showcases the absolute ferocity of this band, playing at breakneck speeds while maintaining the melodic side of their hardcore approach. Something that floored me about this song is the time signature, which I honestly can’t figure out. I think it’s in 7/8 time, but regardless, it showcases that this band is talented beyond the majority of their colleagues. Keep your eye on Vices. They’ll sneak up on the seen pretty quickly.

RIYL: Counterparts, Capsize, Worthwhile


We Won’t Sleep – Can’t Swim

This song sounds a whole like Transit (RIP) and I love it so much. Can’t Swim keeps showing up on my radar, and they’re quickly becoming one of the most underrated bands in this scene. Stranger, their first single, was one of my favourite tracks of last year, and this song picks up where that one left off with a bit more pop. The chorus is catchy, and the lyrics are deep, as always. Some well placed harmonies, original approach to chord progression, and an incredible frontman all lend themselves to the culmination of greatness. I would also like to point out their new drummer kills it, and this band is always pushing for gender equality.

RIYL: Transit, Balance & Composure, Brand New