Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

My favourite four tracks out of all the songs released this week.

Spotlight – Shrezzers

Shrezzers are a Russian band with only 3 songs to their name, but they are already making a name for themselves in the industry for a couple of reasons. The first is that their guitarist is famed YouTuber Choco Slayc. Second, they feature a saxophonist as a full time member of the band. Let me repeat that. A metalcore band has a saxophone player as a member of their band. And it jams. When I first heard about it, I thought that it was so gimmicky, and that it wouldn’t really work. But it really does, creating something new in a stagnant genre. I’m highly anticipating an EP or LP from Shrezzers. This song features great guitar licks, a killer sax line (obviously), and just a groovy vibe. Like honestly, this is some Kenny G level of groove, and I can’t get enough of it. The music video is a little weird, but other than that, it jams. Give it a shot, even if you don’t like metalcore. This kind of band is once in a lifetime.

RIYL: Dance Gavin Dance, Kenny G, Polyphia


Blessings Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Lecrae

This is a huge step toward mainstream success for Lecrae, and I don’t hate it. I’ve been a fan of Ty Dolla since I first heard him on a few Wiz songs off Blacc back in 2014. Having him feature, along with production from Mike Will Made-It is huuuuuge for Crae. The song itself is kind of boring, with a straight forward beat, unoriginal hook, and some classic Christian lyrics about feeling blessed. Too me, Ty’s verse is the standout bit on this track. It’s a huge departure from Lecrae’s usual sound, and that’s largely to do with the producers he used on this track. He’s clearly branching out, but the quality isn’t quite there yet for me. Regardless of how ‘good’ this track is, it is a huge step into mainstream hip-hop for Lecrae, which is exciting, and is worth noting.

RIYL: Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Future


Tradition – Thousand Below

This debut track from Rise Records newcomers Thousand Below shows a songwriting maturity a band this young has no reason to have. Many critics have noted how this song harkens back to early/mid-2000’s post hardcore, but with some fresh, modern twists, and I fully agree. These guys pack a punch in their songs, and it really feels original. The vocals are the standout piece on this track. This guy has pipes, and it’s different from the usual high-pitched nasal vocals accustom to this genre. This is a great song, and a great first track. I’m very excited to see where these guys go.

RIYL: Our Last Night, I See Stars, Sleeping With Sirens


Oathbreaker – Wolves Scream

Some Belgium boys with some passion behind them. This song is very politically charged, and the first of what I’m expecting to be many political songs this year. These guys are tight, very rhythmically in sync. The comparison with Architects is unmistakable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is the first song I’ve ever heard from them, and I’m highly impressed that a Belgium band will be writing about injustice in the world when North American bands won’t. Good on them.

RIYL: Architects, Northlane, Kingdom of Giants