Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

These are my four favourite songs that were released this week. I’m just trying to showcase new, good music so you might find something dope for your listening pleasure.

Darling – Real Estate

Oh man, where do I start with Real Estate? They are one of the best bands at what they do. Soft vocals, beautiful guitar lines, and summer vibes all around (I’m big on summer vibes). Whether you classify them as dream pop, indie rock, or neo-psychedelia, there’s no denying their catchy ways. They look exactly how you would expect they would look, but it somehow makes the whole experience more authentic, because they’re clearly invested in their art. This really feels like we opened a time capsule from the 80s and popped in the record that we found. Real Estate are pushing themselves (a little) with this new release because they really let the song find itself before adding the vocals, going through an entire build up that drops into a synth lead because the lead singer begins the song. One of the best things about this song is how talented and creative the bassist is, constantly walking up and down his fretboard with ease. I really want to go to a beach now.

RIYL: Wild Nothing, Mac DeMarco, Beach House

Bad Behaviour – The Maine

The Maine have had one of the best transformations of any band ever. Starting as a Neon Pop-Punk band when that was cool in the mid 2000s, The Maine pushed on instead of breaking up like so many of their peers did, and became an incredible pop-rock band. It’s hard to deny their maturity and talent as songwriters. Also, having been a band for over a decade, they boast the same lineup through all of their releases, which is incredible, and really shows how comfortable and well they work together. What really makes this song is the layered 3-part harmonies in the chorus. I’m a sucker for good harmonies. I’m also impressed that The Maine is taking out The Mowglis and Beach Weather, further showing their maturity and confidence in branching out of the ‘scene’ that they grew up in. I’m really happy for them, and hope they find success in the more mainstream crowd, because they really deserve it.

RIYL: You Me At Six, Cartel, The All American Rejects

Moving On and Getting Over – John Mayer

I love John Mayer, plain and simple. The fact that this is from ‘Wave One’ also causes me to be hyped about the potential of wave two and three and four (and five). He does it again with a catchy, chill song about heartbreak and heart war. The use of the organ in this song makes it for me. It’s so subtle, but it adds the right layers. The walking chord progression during the chorus feel new and original, even though it’s been done before. But what really makes a John Mayer song great is the layered vocals (with dem harmonies) and the incredible guitar work. He is one of the truest musicians still making relevant music, and he can make his guitar absolutely sing, showcased here in this song.

RIYL: Jack Johnson, Ed Sheeran, James Bay

No Halo – Sorority Noise

In an era where everything needs to be auto tuned, polished and cut perfectly before releasing it, Sorority Noise fly in the opposite direction. Guitar occasionally out of tune, vocals often not perfect, this represents an authenticity in their music that is often lacking in many bands recordings. Sorority Noise are coming off a big album, and hopes are high that they continue that momentum into this next album, and if this song is any indication, they will continue well in that direction. This is raw, real music, and it is incredibly refreshing. The song builds and builds to the climax at the end, only to be held by a church organ for the last 15 seconds, which is gorgeous considering the song is called No Halo. Depth to art is always a plus.

RIYL: Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Moose Blood