Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Two Toasters – Dryjacket

Dryjacket is an incredibly underrated band. Hopeless knew what they were doing when they signed them, but they definitely don’t get the attention they deserve. Their brand of indie/alt-rock is infectious. The guitar work is imaginative without being too riffy, and the vocals are catchy without being annoying. This band is not afraid to try something knew, as showcased on this track by the use of trumpets, and the last 45 seconds, which incorporates a sliding chord progression, a noodling guitar line, a stucatto structure and the trumpets (again). I’m looking forward to this full length with eager ears.

Too Cold – Trip Lee

Trip is one of my favourite rappers, and this song doesn’t change that. While it doesn’t push the boundaries at all in beat, flow or lyrical content, it’s definitely something to nod your head to. There’s no question that trap beats have taken over the rap game, as showcased here, but it’s still nice to hear a new song from Trip. Also, I’m Canadian, so I can relate to the whole too cold concept.

Crash and Burn – For The Win

The easycore is strong with this one. If you immediately thought of A Day To Remember when the verse came in, you understand the genre well. 5-10 years ago, this was the style everybody was going for, but since then it has kind of fallen away. For The Win bring it back, but not in an obnoxious way. The verses definitely continue with the ADTR fashion, but the chorus has a great structure with three part harmony and sets FTW apart from the other new wave easycore bands. While this band still has some growing to do, this song is definitely a step in the right direction, and the breakdown at the end will definitely get people to two step in the right direction 😉

Things Could Be Different – Dangerkids

Dangerkids have been through a lot in their short career. After signing to Rise Records and having some quick success, they fell silent for about a year. Rumours swirled about trouble with the label, and soon they left Rise and rebranded themselves. This is the first single in that direction. It definitely maintains the sound that people latched on to when they first heard dngrkds, but it’s a step forward, especially lyrically. Many have drawn parrellels between these guys and linkin park, which was accurate, and also great, but I think this song begins to separate them from that a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of progression these guys come with on their next album.