Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Love on the Weekend – John Mayer

So usually my goal with these posts is to showcase some new music that isn’t typically popular, but I definitely make exceptions. This is one of those times. While many believe John Mayer has fallen off with him past two albums, I think he’s the best he’s ever been at this point. His last album, Paradise Valley, came out over 3 years ago, and while the album did well in sales, none of his singles caught on in the mainstream market, much like his previous album Born & Raised. Mayer hasn’t had a huge radio hit since Half of My Heart came out in 2010, featuring Taylor Swift, which I’m sure helped the sales. But I could honestly see this song exploding into the current stagnant pop music scene, oversaturated with trap beats and pan flutes and DJ’s featuring another pop star. This song is stripped down and absolutely beautiful, doing what Mayer does best: comment on bittersweet situations. Beautiful guitar work comes as no surprise for this incredible musician, and his soft voice works perfectly in this song. Give it a listen, and I promise you will have it stuck in your head for weeks to come. I know I will.

Pop Out Revenge Feat. Amari – Social Club Misfits

Speaking of trap beats, Social Club dropped a new song. I’ll be honest, I was hoping for something a little more diverse from a duo who pride themselves on being different from the hip-hop scene they’re part of. This beat could easily be on Future or Lil Yachty’s upcoming mixtape, and nobody would bat an eye. That being said, both Marty and Fern have great, unique flow with bars. Seriously, these are two of the best lyricists in the game right now, using great word play. I think the beauty of Social Club is that they never take themselves too seriously, always prepared to laugh at themselves or poke fun at anything they can (showcased in this video). Amari is a good addition to this track and he does a great job, but it re-emphasizes the idea that Social Club is following the trends of hip-hop instead of leading as the sing/rap model is what everybody is doing these days.

Existential Crisis at the Cask ‘n Flagon – A Loss For Words

This is a bit of an emotional release for the scene. AL4W has been around since 1999, through the ups and downs of the pop-punk scene, and recently announced that they will be breaking up. But they decided to record and release one last album, and this is the first single off that album. The thing I appreciate most about these guys are the harmonies they throw down on their songs (showcased in the chorus). It’s nothing flashy, but it fits so well into the song that it would feel naked without it. Although they never found incredible success like many of their colleagues, they have one of the most loyal fanbases in the scene, and this video shows that clearly. They’re just regular guys having a great time doing what they love, and that’s what makes this band so special.

Caught Up- Chapel

I have no idea where these guys came from or anything, but I know I dig them. I came across this because they signed to Rise Records, normally a Metalcore/Pop-Punk label, and was shocked that this is what I was hearing. It is pop infused with some rock, but heavily leaning to the pop side. They remind me a lot of bands like fun., PVRIS and honestly the Jonas Brothers (but in a good way). The chorus is wildly catchy, I’m really looking forward to something original and creative coming out of the scene.