Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks

Happy election day everybody! With that in mind, lets kick this off properly…

The House Always Wins – Stray From The Path

Caution: NSFW language.

Nobody should be surprised that Stray released a politically charged song on election day, and this song goes hard. Regardless of the outcomes of this election, around half the country will be choked, with many believing it is un-winnable because both candidates suck. But one thing to look forward to is that bad political situations seem to always create great, pissed off music and SFTP will be right there at the front, leading the charge. Many have called these guys this generations Rage Against The Machine, and I would have to agree. Stray have a great, original sound based around riffs that are different, and some incredible yelling. Give this track a listen.

Give – You Me At Six

It always amazes me that these guys aren’t bigger than they are. They really deserve it, and they have an incredible sound. Give is a softer song, but doesn’t lack the emotion YMAS put into every single song. The chorus is beautiful, and the guitar work is awesome. The effort put into the little things in this song make it incredible, like the tapping work by the guitarist.

Omega – Crystal Lake

These guys are going to blow up in the scene pretty soon here. This single is incredible, and coming off of the heels of their awesome debut, its only a matter of time before they find traction in North America. Sounding like a hybrid of The Ghost Inside, Architects and Whitechapel, this Japanese band goes hard. Brutal vocals with intricate guitar work is what keeps me coming back. Omega sounds like a more well put together song than any off the last album, showing the growth this band has. And man can these guitarists riff, I don’t think they stop the whole song. Keep your eye on this band.

Driven (Feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet) – Those Who Fear

Second time in a month I’ve used a TWF song, but I can’t help it. These guys are incredible. Obviously, I’m excited for the upcoming album, and if these guys keep putting out banger singles, I’ll keep posting them in my TetraT posts. Garrett Russell is also probably the hottest vocalist in the scene right now, and his vocals contrast John Healy’s lower gutteral scream really well. Lyrically, this song is a song about giving your all, which is perfect for working out. Great work, once again.