Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Another four great songs for this week, check them out!

Friend From The Future – Punchline

After a few years of laying low, Punchline are back for their eighth album, and from the sounds of it, they’re tapping into some sounds from over a decade ago. Many fans are claiming this sounds like it could come from 37 Everywhere, Punchline’s 2006 LP. Whether you agree with that or not is up to you, but this song is great. Wholly original and extremely catchy, “Friend From The Future” sees Punchline steer heavily into the pop-rock genre, and is a return to a more instrument-focused style rather than the electronic-driven music 2015’s Thrilled featured. Relient K immediately came to mind when I first heard this track, consisting of a bouncy lead rhythm matched with dreamy vocals. The potent energy is unmistakable throughout the song, and singer Soboslai offers up infectious melody paired with creative lyrics. This is one song you should not miss.

Genre: Pop-Rock

RIYL: Relient K, Farewell, House of Heroes


Shy – Parting Ways

These guys might very quickly become my favourite pop-punk band, as every song they’ve put out is incredible. Parting Ways have a knack for writing catchy songs in a genre overrun with catchy songs. Somehow, these guys are able to outshine everyone else new in the genre right now and make compelling songs, both lyrically and instrumentally. “Shy” features possibly my favourite outro I’ve heard. The layered vocals building over great guitar-work. It lasts for a full minute and a half, which for most bands would be way too long, but it leaves me wanting more and replaying the song. “It doesn’t get better/nothing gets better” hits the listener pretty hard, and the harmony work in this short portion of the song make it all worth the listen. Don’t sleep on these guys.

Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: Handguns, Grayscale, State Champs


Bleed For This – Archers

Archers are able to take a stale genre and musical style, akin to Memphis May Fire and We Came As Romans, and infuse enough life into that it feels new. Taking the best elements of the genre and fusing them with more metalcore tendencies works incredibly well. Both the guitar work and clean vocals feel MMF-esque, but not in a tacky way. The harsh vocals are much more hardcore/metalcore than the usual “cleaner” scream that’s normal for this style. A very blessthefall-like breakdown appears in the bridge, which gets my head bobbing. There’s a lot of good things in this song, and if they continue to build off them, this band will be something to reckon with in the future.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore

RIYL: Memphis May Fire, blessthefall, Miss May I


Mutual Interest – The Weekend Classic

The Weekend Classic continue to impress me with the weight they bring to their songwriting. It’s incredible. Just the first 15 seconds of this song draw me in immediately, from the syncopated guitar rhythm to the lead guitars anthemic tone, and then jumps into a bouncy pop-punk rhythm with vocals you gravitate to. Make no mistake, this is a very gifted band. The dual vocals work very well here, similar to Seaway, as they are different enough to be noticeable, but not enough that it takes the listener out of the song. This new album is going to be incredible.

Genre: Pop-Punk/Rock

RIYL: Rarity, In Her Own Words, Bearings


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