Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


These are four incredibly passionate songs, please give them a listen.


X is back, and if this song is any indication of the direction he can go, I’m all for it. His shady history aside, this song is truly beautiful. There’s no question that PNB was an influence on this song (many think there’s a ghost guest-feature from him in this song). There’s a weight and emotion to this song that adds a layer that many hip-hop artists are missing. X has often been heralded as one of the leaders in this new emowave of hip-hop, and this song firmly cements him in that category. Though simple and repetitive, “changes” is a song that proves X is taking a step forward, progressing past the same flow and beat that blew him up on soundcloud in the first place. If this is the direction for hip-hop, I’m all for it.

Genre: Hip-Hop

RIYL: Post Malone, PNB Rock, Sam Smith


Sedatives – Like Pacific

Like Pacific return for their sophomore album, and they’re picking up right where Distant Like You Asked left off. Musically, they sound incredible, featuring the same slight aggression and drive, leaning into the punk side of the pop-punk genre. Vocalist Jordan Black shows off both his pipes and his lyricism, weaving fresh metaphors throughout the entire song while giving a passionate performance. The backing vocals (either Holmes or Hall) set a great balance that is more prominent in this song than their previous album, allowing for a little more dynamics. There’s a lot of like about LP, and the best of them is featured in this song.

Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: Broadside, Knuckle Puck, Trash Boat


Bruise – Casey

This is pure emotion, and Casey aren’t concerned with what people think about it. This is a new-ish direction for the band, and they play it so well. As always, fans are concerned with them “leaving the heavy behind” and whatnot, but there is so much good in this song. “Bruise” features emotionally charged lyrics, passionate vocal delivery on both sides of the spectrum, and beautiful, atmospheric instrumentals that swell throughout the song. This is true art, full of emotion and pain, and at no point does it feel cheap or unfulfilled. The personal and heart-wrenching delivery proves this is a band everyone should have on their radar.

Genre: Emo/Alt-Rock

RIYL: Movements, Being As An Ocean, Stepson


Hiraeth – From Under The Willow

From Under The Willow impress with the lead single off their upcoming third album. “Hiraeth” sees the band transition to technically masterful djenty metalcore. Though the band have been quite diverse in their style over the course of their career, if they stay true to this sound, it will definitely be for the best, as this is the best song FUTW have released. The riffs and screams are reminiscent of the best moments in Architects’ career, and the dynamic changes are similar to Northlane and Invent Animate. This band has a huge future in this genre, tapping into the right sound at the right time. The breakdowns are tight and bouncy, and the vocals are impassioned throughout.

Genre: Metalcore

RIYL: Northlane, Architects, Kingdom of Giants


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: