The top four brand new tracks from the week of November 7-13.

Charisma – Pianos Become The Teeth

Leaving the harsh vocals for some more shoegaze-esque singing on this track makes me a happy man. I loved their old stuff, but Pianos Become The Teeth are showing their maturity, both in sound and songwriting, in this song, and I’m so excited. Accompanied by a cool music video that feels like the epitome of New York, this song plays over and over in my head. To quote the band, “You won me over.”

RIYL: Balance And Composure, mewithoutyou, The Hotelier


Right Now – In Her Own Words

IHOW are one of my favourite pop-punk bands, and this song is no exception. Not really sounding like any other big pop-punkers right now, In Her Own Words drive home emotional lyrics and great storytelling. Though the instrumentation isn’t incredibly impressive, the original approach to riffs, drumming, and chord progression cause the songs to stay in your head long after they end. Joey’s vocals are the big stand out to me, putting emotion into his voice and having original melody lines, knowing exactly when to show off and when to back off. Right Now, the song that marks a deluxe album is on the way, proves to be a perfect time to discover this band. Pick up this album, one of my favourites of last year.

RIYL: City Lights, A Loss For Words, Broadside


Paper Cranes – Surroundings

This is my first time hearing Surroundings, and I really dig what I’m hearing. The vocals are more shouty than screamy, which is a welcomed change in this genre. The guitars djent nicely, including some creative riffs, followed by some heavy, drop *whatever* open string rings, which I can never get enough of, no matter how often I hear them. I like how really riffy the song is, especially when one guitar is playing a good riff and the second guitar is up high on the frets playing some complementary notes. Normally one guitar would just chug with the other riffing, but this step up shows why Surroundings really caught my attention. Also, this is one of the best produced music videos I’ve ever seen from a band I’ve never heard of. Dreambound, and Australia, have another winner in this band.

RIYL: Invent Animate, Northlane, Polaris


The Plan – G-Eazy

Eazy continues to impress me with his approach to music. His raw lyrics and honest content never shies away from calling those around him out, whether other rappers or his own family. I’ve always appreciated his flow, which is showcased here with fast bursts of triplets. The beat is haunting, and really bangs with that bassline, a signature trait of G-Eazy’s songs at this point, keeping it dark and real.

RIYL: Logic, NF, Mac Miller


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