The top four brand new tracks from the week of November 14-20.

Get By – Real Friends

Real Friends come back from being holed up working on this new album with an incredible new single. It’s positive? Is this even allowed from Real Friends? It’s so great to see these guys take the turn from being negative and heart broken to getting better, and it’s reflective of the mental health that some members have struggled with in the past. It’s an inspiring message they’re putting out in this song, which is great to see. The major key they play in adds to this as well, creating an overall sense of hope. It’s a bouncy fun song about pushing through pain and getting better. Exactly what we need these days.

Genre: Pop-Punk

RIYL: The Starting Line, State Champs, The Wonder Years


Breathe – Valliers

Valliers are making a name for themselves in the melodic hardcore scene, bringing incredible clean and harsh vocals. This new EP really shows that they have something original to bring to the table, while still being inspired by the current mainstays of the genre. The breakdown is so Counterparts-esque, and I love it so much. What’s really great about this band, though, are the clean vocals, which don’t feel forced or out of place. Rather, they make sense for what the band is going for. “I won’t let it destroy me” is a cry everyone can relate to, and inspires hope in all listeners. Keep Valliers on your radar.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

RIYL: Counterparts, Capsize, Hundredth


Icon – Jaden Smith

Wow. Jaden is the last artists I thought I’d be featuring here, and even his early singles weren’t my cup of tea. But this song is incredible. Whoever produced this beat is a genius, and Jaden doesn’t hold back at all. He really shines in this song, showing off his polished flow. There’s no question the early portion of his career was because his parents were famous, but this stands 100% on its own, and he has a claim in the current rap game. This song goes hard, and I keep hitting that replay button. It’s so catchy, so well produced, and so well executed. Props to the karate kid, he has something special here.

Genre: Hip-Hop

RIYL: J. Cole, Denzel Curry, Old Kanye West


Stoned Alone – Teenage Wrist

With vocals similar to Ben Folds, Teenage Wrist really shine in every facet of their band. This is the side project of Kamtin Mohager aka The Chain Gang of 1974, who is known for his indie electronica music. With that in mind, this is the last type of music I thought I’d be hearing going into it, and I was floored. This song really brings back the 90s grunge feel while not feeling stale at all. The chorus is where this song truly shines, with the background ooh-ooh’s firmly cementing this as a post-rock song and creating an atmosphere that has long been missing in the music scene for the past decade. I recommend everyone give this a listen. It’ll take you back.

Genre: Grunge/90s Garage Rock

RIYL: Nirvana, early Switchfoot, Smashing Pumpkins


BONUS: Millennial Waste – 18 Miles

I just couldn’t leave this song off. From the atmospheric opening to the aggressive opening, this song deserves any fan of hardcore’s attention. “This is the sound of revolution failing,” it’s so timely and meaningful right now. Not to mention they have one of the best breakdowns of the year.

Genre: Hardcore

RIYL: Stick To Your Guns, Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside


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