These are the top four tracks for the week of April 19-25.

Hard Times – Paramore

I mean…what? This song is so different, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense that paramore would head in this direction. The dance synth 80s vibe is so great. It honestly took me like 10 listens for me to really latch onto it, but I keep finding little things I like that bring me back. If you’re one of those fans that was hoping for a return to RIOT days, this is not for you. But at the same time, I don’t think anybody can say they’re selling out, because this is not a popular sound right now, and they might not get any radio play with this album. That being said, paramore continues to shock and amaze me, so maybe the general public will latch onto this song and I won’t understand how the world works again. I respect and adore how experimental this song is, and really look forward to the rest of this album if this is any indication of what’s to come.

RIYL: Ok Go, Talking Heads, Foxy Shazam


Neurotic – Hundredth

This is another musical progression I greatly enjoy and respect. It sounds like these guys have been enjoying the newwave of emo music, and it’s bleeding into how they write music. It’s a big shift from the hardcore days of the past, but it really sounds so great and wavy. This shoegaze-type approach seems like they’re finally doing what they want to do. For the last album and a bit, it always felt like they wanted to change, but were afraid to. And here they are, switching up their sound completely and playing what they want to play, and I really dig it. I really got into Turnover a few years ago, and they also switched to this style of music after being a band for a while. Hundredth really went out on a limb with this track, and I think it paid off.

RIYL: Citizen, Title Fight, Balance & Composure


Momma House Feat. MC Fiji – Aha Gazelle

Rise Record’s newest signing is Aha, and I’m so excited for his fresh style on a label with a lot of similar rappers. Aha feels more like what’s popular today with a much more trap-influenced beat and different flow. This dude can really flow, and has quick witty lyrics. The thing that’s the best about this dude is that he really cares about his message and always has a greater goal with his music. From the streets to his “Momma’s Basement,” he’s humble, but came from less. The beat is bonkers. This dude is going to blow up pretty quick with his new album coming out some time this year.

RIYL: Future, Dee1, Waka Flocka


Left For Dead – Volumes

They really have released every kind of single for this new album. One featuring a rapper, one that has a full song structure with a soaring chorus, and now this one. This is pretty much a straight breakdown for two minutes straight. They will definitely have diversity on this new album. I really like this because it’s nice to know they can still bring the heavy. That being said, Volumes is known for their complex rhythms and off tempo breakdowns, and this is pretty straightforward, so I’m hoping there’s more volumes-esque music on the new album. It’s great to hear Myke really scream again though. That dude can bring it. This grooves hard, and gets my head moving.

RIYL: Emmure, Meshuggah, Erra