These are the top four tracks for the week of April 26-May 2.

Return to Silence – Divisions

Utah metalcore band Divisions has finally released a new single after almost a year and a half of not releasing any music. However, I would argue that this song was worth the wait. This track showcases tight songwriting and an understanding of what is popular in today’s metalcore scene. If you like metalcore, you will definitely dig this song, especially the incredible breakdown near the end of the song. All of that is about the song, but this music video is beautiful as well. This is a band to really keep your eye on as they might very easily blow up in the near future, provided they continue to actually release music in a timely manner.

RIYL: Architects, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants


6/8 – Blink 182

I love Blink, and almost anything they do. But to me, this song is a step above most of their other stuff. This really feels like it could be off of their self-titled album, with some emotion and grit. The song title is a nod to the time signature the song is played in, and as a music theory nerd, I feel partial towards any song that is not in standard 4/4 time. It’s much more of a punk rock song than a pop punk song, and so the Alkaline Trio tendencies from Matt Skiba are really shining through, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Matt’s vocals on this also really remind me of Tom’s, as he’s throwing his voice up in his high register. I told myself I wouldn’t post every blink single they released, but this song truly is special.

RIYL: Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Neck Deep


Sea Change – Thrice

Thrice is my favourite band of all time, hands down. Their last album was a great entry into their discography, but I felt it was missing a few softer songs. This b-side scratches that itch, as it calls to mind songs like Red Sky and Flags of Dawn. It is calm, beautiful, and emotional is the best way that only Thrice can do. It’s a slow build of a song, and has some of the most beautiful vocal melodies melding with the guitar work I’ve heard in a minute. While I absolutely love this song, I fully understand why this song was left off the album, as it would stand out amongst a bunch of heavier, more driving songs that made up their latest. I’m overjoyed that this song was released as a b-side, and it goes to show that Thrice really can do no wrong. Dustin Kensrue is my favourite lyricist, and that is showcased here, as he weaves through metaphors and similes effortlessly.

RIYL: Saosin, Circa Survive, Brand New


Heaven – PVRIS

PVRIS is blowing up, and the release of this single marks the beginning of a new album cycle that will again take this band to newer heights. Lynn’s voice is beautiful as always, and the thing that makes her the most unique is that she has a raspy/growl in moments of intensity in their songs. I think this song shows the progression of songwriting for this band, as it feels more full. It’s definitely longer than their typical song, though the content of a broken heart remains the same. The thing that raises PVRIS above the rest of the bands is the attention to detail in everything. Their song writing and structure is tight and deliberate, but it’s also art, as reflected in the story, acting, and cinematography of the music video. It’s more than a song, it’s an amalgamation of three minds coming together to create a piece of art. I’m really looking forward to this album.

RIYL: Against the Current, Tonight Alive, We Are The In Crowd