TetraT: 98

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM AUGUST 21ST-27TH. I’m bringing in the big guns this week with 8 tracks, and it was hard narrowing it down to that. Stay – Shangrila Shangrila is a band worth keeping your eye on. This song is incredible, comparable to Boston Manor or Casey, … Continue reading TetraT: 98

TetraT: 9

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Weight of the World – Advent Hardcore heavy weights are back, and better than ever. After a 5 year hiatus, Advent has reunited and will be putting out a new album in 2017, and I am so excited for it. These guys honestly got me into the more straight up hardcore … Continue reading TetraT: 9

TetraT: 3

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Hands of Death – Nothing Left Nothing Left just appeared out of nowhere yesterday, and they are great. The Leitru Brothers of For Today fame make up half the band, with the lead vocalist of A Bullet For Pretty Boy holding down the vocals here as well, and the drummer from … Continue reading TetraT: 3