TetraT: 82

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks THE TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS FROM MAY 1ST-7TH. Been busy lately but I’m ready to get back to sharing some incredible music, starting with there four tracks. Also, I’m going to take away the Recommended If You Like section. It’s only four songs, just give them all a shot. If … Continue reading TetraT: 82

TetraT: 26

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Which mean the best tracks of the week. Get ready for some pop-punk. Misery – Blink 182 I wasn’t huge on Blink’s first single for their deluxe album, Parking Lot. But this one sounds just like why I fell in love with Blink in the first place. Catchy, yet heavy. There’s … Continue reading TetraT: 26