TetraT: 66

The top four brand new tracks from the week of January 9-15. War Cry Feat. Tauren Wells – Social Club Misfits Social Club as artists are able to hit on the far corners of their genre, and nail it every time. More of a worship/pop-song than a hip-hop song like their other big single, Dive, … Continue reading TetraT: 66

TetraT: 49

The top four tracks from the week of September 6-12. Doomsday – Architects Architects power on, and that’s the huge story here. After the death of their guitarist Tom Searle from cancer, there was definitely questions of whether the band would retire after the album cycle of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Well, allow … Continue reading TetraT: 49

TetraT: 7

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Love on the Weekend – John Mayer So usually my goal with these posts is to showcase some new music that isn’t typically popular, but I definitely make exceptions. This is one of those times. While many believe John Mayer has fallen off with him past two albums, I think he’s … Continue reading TetraT: 7

TetraT: 1

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Flower (Acoustic) – Vanna I watched Vanna at warped tour this summer, and talked to them after their set. They are honestly some of the nicest and most humble dudes I have ever met. This song proves that they have serious diversity. They took one of their top tracks off of … Continue reading TetraT: 1