TetraT: 39

Here are the top 4 tracks for the week of June 28-July 4. Desolate – Dayseeker This is way more of the Dayseeker that many have come to know than their last few singles. This song is heavy, and showcases Rory’s vocal abilities incredibly well. He’s famous for his sing-scream combination, and how he shifts … Continue reading TetraT: 39

TetraT: 27

Exams and school are finally over and I can get back to this. I’ve missed four weeks, so I’ll post them all in the next few of days, one a day. So get ready for lots of new music. Hope you find something you like! I hit a few different genres with this post! This … Continue reading TetraT: 27

TetraT: 23

Best tracks of the week: Blossom – Youngest These guys literally came out of nowhere for me. Proof that the YouTube suggestions can occasionally work. The gritty work of this band is clear, and their approach to music is a combination of a bunch of different bands, which makes them truly their own. There are … Continue reading TetraT: 23