TetraT: 65

The top four brand new tracks from the week of January 3-9. This Was A Home Once – Bad Suns Keeping the summer vibes alive with this one. Bad Suns never fail to put me in a good mood. This song truly captures and combines their last two albums extremely well, and shows the maturity … Continue reading TetraT: 65

TetraT: 53

The top four tracks brand new from the week of October 4-10. Stay Ignorant – Don Broco Don Broco are groovy. Tasty groovy and full of riffs. There’s no question that these guys are original, especially in this scene. Their vocalist really can croon well, and they’re always having fun, as showcased in this music … Continue reading TetraT: 53

TetraT: 31

These are the top four tracks for the week of May 3-9. Apnea – Currents Currents second single off their upcoming album proves again that they are not a one-hit-wonder, instead bringing the riffs, the heavy, and the breakdowns double the amount this time. These guys are more than just your average chugcore band, creating … Continue reading TetraT: 31