TetraT: 3

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Hands of Death – Nothing Left Nothing Left just appeared out of nowhere yesterday, and they are great. The Leitru Brothers of For Today fame make up half the band, with the lead vocalist of A Bullet For Pretty Boy holding down the vocals here as well, and the drummer from … Continue reading TetraT: 3

TetraT: 2

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Torch – Emmure Trust me, I can’t believe I’m promoting an Emmure track either. But this song is an absolute banger. For those who don’t know, Emmure has a notorious reputation for objectifying women and graphic/violent imagery in their music. And by no means do I support any of that. Because of this … Continue reading TetraT: 2

TetraT: 1

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Flower (Acoustic) – Vanna I watched Vanna at warped tour this summer, and talked to them after their set. They are honestly some of the nicest and most humble dudes I have ever met. This song proves that they have serious diversity. They took one of their top tracks off of … Continue reading TetraT: 1