TetraT: 12

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Again, a day late, but it’s the holidays and I’ve lost track of the days. Next Tuesday will be back on track, I promise. Lucida Feat. Jason Vena of Acceptance – A Loss For Words AL4W keep bringing great tracks on their final album, and this song is no different. Tapping … Continue reading TetraT: 12

TetraT: 11

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks A day late, a buck short (I’m writing the report) but it’s holidays so give the man a break. Oxygen – Oh, Sleeper This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anybody. I love Oh, Sleeper, and it’s been a little over 3 years since they’ve released anything. Oxygen picks up … Continue reading TetraT: 11

TetraT: 10

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Berlin – Bear’s Den Although I show a lot of people music that I find, my little sister is actually the one who showed me these guys just yesterday. It took me a little while to get into them, but this song is really great. The guitar work is absolutely beautiful, … Continue reading TetraT: 10

TetraT: 9

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Weight of the World – Advent Hardcore heavy weights are back, and better than ever. After a 5 year hiatus, Advent has reunited and will be putting out a new album in 2017, and I am so excited for it. These guys honestly got me into the more straight up hardcore … Continue reading TetraT: 9

TetraT: 8

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Fence – Michael Barr Barr was one of the lead singers of metalcore heavyweight Volumes up until a year ago when he announced his departure to pursue a more R&B influenced musical endeavour. He has since released one EP which was met with mixed reviews, and just recently this single. I … Continue reading TetraT: 8

Review: Arrival

Arrival is the newest film from visionary director (and fellow Canadian) Denis Villeneuve. I’ll be honest, this is probably going to be my favourite movie of 2016. Villeneuve has been on everyone’s radar as an up-and-coming director for a few years now, coming out with incredible movies like Prisoners (premiered at TIFF) and Sicario (premiered at … Continue reading Review: Arrival

TetraT: 7

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Love on the Weekend – John Mayer So usually my goal with these posts is to showcase some new music that isn’t typically popular, but I definitely make exceptions. This is one of those times. While many believe John Mayer has fallen off with him past two albums, I think he’s … Continue reading TetraT: 7

TetraT: 6

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Two Toasters – Dryjacket Dryjacket is an incredibly underrated band. Hopeless knew what they were doing when they signed them, but they definitely don’t get the attention they deserve. Their brand of indie/alt-rock is infectious. The guitar work is imaginative without being too riffy, and the vocals are catchy without being … Continue reading TetraT: 6

TetraT: 5

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Happy election day everybody! With that in mind, lets kick this off properly… The House Always Wins – Stray From The Path Caution: NSFW language. Nobody should be surprised that Stray released a politically charged song on election day, and this song goes hard. Regardless of the outcomes of this election, … Continue reading TetraT: 5

TetraT: 4

Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks Dumb – Lower Than Atlantis Lower Than Atlantis should be bigger, and it’s not even a question. They continue to put out great music album after album. This new single is no different. A catchy chorus, a great hook, solid harmonies and great lyrics. This song is good. Dear Life – … Continue reading TetraT: 4