Welcome to TetraT!

Each week, I curate 4 new songs from the slew of singles released that I think are worth your time. This weekly blog is meant to showcase the best new singles from the previous week. TetraT drops every Tuesday, (1/4th of the namesake). The name “TetraT” means four “T’s”: Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks. Also, the Tetra is why I feature only four tracks (typically). My hope is that you’ll find some new music, expand your genre horizons and support bands big and small. The only way the music scene continues is through fans.

Here are the TOP FOUR BRAND NEW TRACKS from MAY 21ST-27TH.

dig (II) – oso oso

Genre: Emo/Alt Rock

Bring Me Back To Life – The Dangerous Summer

Genre: Alt. Rock/Pop-Punk

White Knuckles – Gold Route

Genre: Pop-Punk

Winter Stay (Feat. Safe Bet) – Wilmette

Genre: Pop-Punk

If you wanna hear more from this blog series, here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs I’ve ever featured. Throw it on shuffle and find something new.