Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Seratonin – In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words continues to grind hard, and it looks like it’s finally paying off. This song is easily the catchiest song they’ve ever written, as it’s full of hooks and infectious melodies. The addition of a second vocalist takes this band to the next level. Their consistency is on another level, and they really are embracing pop-punk stylings to the fullest. No disrespect to the big dogs of the genre, but I think IHOW is doing it the best right now.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Deceiver Killer – Jxhn Pval

The thing about CHH is it tends to be a few years behind the trends. Well, it seems it has finally caught up with the “emo rap” fad, and Jxhn Pval actually does it well. This song has a catchy hook, a great beat and the lyrics are top-notch. This duo proves you don’t have to compromise the music for the lyrics. The heavy bassline keeps going yet there is no rapping, and in its place is singing. Though the autotune is apparent, it works well in this song. I’m excited for this independent duo.

Genre: Hip-Hop


You – Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

After getting launched on “The Launch,” the duo of Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine’s career has blossomed. After their first single went platinum, they followed it with two more singles (this being the latter) that charted in Canadian Top 100. This song is by far their best with haunting harmonies, emotional vocals, and amazing production. Jamie has a very unique voice in the pop-world, causing the duo to stand out against a swath of similar-sounding pop.

Genre: Electropop


Robbery – Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld continues his climb to being the king of “Emo Rap.” Juice channels his inner Post Malone on this song, as his slightly off-key singing brings Post to mind immediately. What I love about this song is the beat, with the catchy piano part similar to indie producer’s work in the mid-aughts. The lyrics are undoubtedly corny, but to me, that’s part of the charm similar to early emo music. There’s something so earnest about his delivery and lyrics that make me appreciate it. I know this isn’t a “good” song, but I’m vibing to it, and that’s what matters.

Genre: Hip-Hop


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