Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks



We’re Not Alright – Zebrahead

For a band that’s been around since 1995, it’s impressive that they’re still able to write fresh, energetic songs. There are some very clear sounds from their peers throughout the song, like Blink-182 drumming and guitar work, Sum 41 verses, and a Green Day guitar solo. Regardless, it’s a great song with tons of energy and hype, and it’s a perfect song to put anyone in a good mood. There’s nostalgia, no doubt, but it doesn’t feel like it belongs in the past. Now excuse me while I play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.

Genre: Pop-Punk/Rock


Wilderness – Cliffside

The local boys do it! My buddy Joel and his band have finally put out their first single, and it kills. There’s clear influence from Erra here, and that’s not a knock. Erra is one of the best bands in the scene right now, especially when it comes to writing guitar leads and hooks. This song really holds its own with a great bridge/breakdown and overall phenomenal instrumentation. Keep your eye on these guys as they head out on tour this summer.

Genre: Progressive Metalcore


Lucid – Reliance

Reliance has burst onto the scene, immediately drawing fans for their emotional, well-crafted music. The clear comparable is Casey (RIP), and Reliance takes over nicely where they left off. Early Mayday Parade is also close in sound. Regardless of the inspiration or comparables, though, Reliance has a beautiful sound headlined by the phenomenal clean vocals of their frontman. There’s real emotion throughout, with a very methodic, well-written song with ups and downs, most notably with the closing major chord. This is the new sound of emo, and it keeps getting better.

Genre: Melodic Post-Hardcore


How We Coming Feat. Ty Brasel & WHUTUPRG – 1K Phew

Both 1K and WHATUPRG have had incredible rises since both signings to Reach. They’ve both grown as songwriters, and have far better production, and that shows the greatest on this song. 1K wrote a real catchy hook on this song, and RG finally tried singing in his falsetto and KILLS it. The addition of Ty, a relative newcomer (and highlight) to the scene takes this song to the next level. It’s a catchy song, chill, and full of great vibes. A perfect song for cruising around town at night. This is the future of CHH hip-hop right here.

Genre: Hip-Hop


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

If you wanna hear more, here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs I’ve ever featured. Throw it on shuffle and find something new.