Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


The End – Shlohmo

Henry Laufer aka Shlohmo is such a gifted producer, and this might be his best work yet. There’s beauty in this instrumental track, and it feels organic, despite being completely electronic. It’s cool to hear the guitar in there, as I imagine he would play that portion live, which would be a great environment. There’s a certain… apathy surrounding this song in feeling as if what’s going on in the world sucks, but we can’t do anything about it. Regardless of how it makes you feel (and whether you agree with me or not), the track is undeniably enjoyable, almost trance-like, begging for a longer version. The best we can do right now is hit that replay button.

Genre: Glitch Hop/Ambient R&B


Cautious – Emarosa

There’s some distinct The 1975 comparisons to be made on this song, yet Emarosa truly hold their own. The synth is beautiful, Bradley’s vocals are as good as ever and this full embrace of the pop-rock sound is doing them a world of good. Completely nostalgic for the ’80s and early ’90s and yet it feels like a fresh sound. This song could do well for a club, a wedding dance, and a late night on the patio. Great vibes all around.

Genre: Pop-Rock


No Love/No One – Gideon

The boys are back with their heavy riffs and pit-worthy breakdowns. They’ve gone a little “sludgier” on the production and guitar work, and though it’s not sloppy, it feels much more organic, instead of the chopped up version many artists get from their studio sessions. They’ve definitely moved more in a beatdown style of metalcore, while still having that signature Gideon sound. I’m thrilled they’re heading in this direction and adapting with the times. This song hits haaaard.

Genre: Metalcore


Burning Bridges – Michael Barr

When Michael left Volumes to do R&B, I wrote him off. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong. This man is phenomenally gifted in this genre, both in terms of the singing and the production. This song sees him step a little further outside what he’s done before production-wise, as this song sounds truly experimental, and I’m vibing with it. As always, Barr has a great gift for writing catchy vocals hooks, and everyone can relate to not caring about repercussions and completely burning bridges.

Genre: Alternative R&B


Para – RoGue

Old Northlane, new Invent Animate, djenty Architects, carbon-copy Currents. Call it whatever you want, but RoGue have something special here. The clean vocals are especially impressive in this song, as I’m often left wanting when it comes to cleans in this genre. The guitar work is catchy, riffy, and heavy while sounding completely fresh. These breakdowns keep my head weaving and bobbing like I’m a boxer. If you’re into anything heavy, this band is worth a shot.

Genre: Progressive Metalcore


Spineless – Blood Youth

A little more of the same from these guys, but I can’t get enough of it. The snare pop a la the nu-metal sound of the early aughts really gets me going. These guys continue to write catchy, headbang-worthy riffs, and this song is no exception. Whether you like this or not, the energy is unmistakable, and they’re able to capture that live energy so well onto their records. Enjoy this song, but be careful not to knock over that lamp in the living room.

Genre: Nu-Metalcore


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