I’m for sure over 6 months late, but nobody really needs playlists until summer anyway. You’re welcome.

I picked 250 songs, and that was HARD. Rules are the same as previous years: one song per artist and the songs had to be released within the calendar year of 2018.

Plenty of variety, and plenty of underground artists so anybody listening will be sure to find someone new to listen to. I know my musical taste is relatively eclectic but please give some of this playlist a listen and skip as many as you want if it means you find something else you might like. Throw it on shuffle and see what happens.

My top 5 songs from the year are:

  1. Monument – Counterparts
  2. Melancholy – Bilmuri
  3. Take Me As You Please – The Story So Far
  4. End Eternal – Vein
  5. G.O.A.T. – Polyphia
  6. Truth Be Told – Homebound
  7. Struggle To Sleep – Glass Hands
  8. Long Live The Champion – KB
  9. Drunk Me – Mitchell Tenpenny
  10. hammer – nothing,nowhere.