Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Awful Ever After – Hot Milk

Hot Milk is the real deal. You can always tell that a band is gaining momentum when they have the most support from their peers (shout out to Bonnie from Stand Atlantic). The dual-vocals call to mind We Are The In Crowd, and they truly do that comparison justice. The instrumentals are all incredibly catchy, and the harmonies are simple yet beautiful. Their mix of pop-punk and alternative rock is so refreshing. These guys honestly have something special, and they will blow up shortly. I wholeheartedly believe they will be the next big thing.

Genre: Pop-Punk


The Rush – King’s Kaleidoscope

I have a tough time getting into modern worship because it so often sounds like the same thing over and over, with little to no innovation. Kings K is truly the outlier in this scene though, as they continue to innovate and mix genres without compromising their message. This song, clocking in at just over eight and a half minutes, should feel far too long. However, it continues to ebb and flow, capturing the attention of listeners throughout. The amalgamation of r&b, hip-hop and modern worship is something worth listening to for everyone. This group is truly unique.

Genre: Alt. Rock/Worship


Children of the Dead – Norma Jean

The kings of chaotic metalcore are back. Though this is only a b-side, it still rips and showcases why Norma is one of the best bands. The riffs are huge, the vocals rip and the breakdown goes incredibly hard. The chorus is very catchy, worthy of a crowd shouting it out. Though they’ve been a band for over twenty years, they are still able to stay fresh and find ways from becoming a stale band who retreads their previous albums over and over. This will be enough for fans until their next album comes out.

Genre: Metalcore


Low – Wage War

Wage War continues to shine in the metalcore world, as it seems they’ve figured out the formula. Sing, Scream, Sing, Scream, Breakdown, Sing. That being said, it’s very good still, and I haven’t grown tired of their shtick yet. I might one day, but not today. The chorus is catchy, the hook is really good and the breakdowns hit hard. I do wish they would push themselves a little bit past the verse-chorus model and just go all out, but it’s still well written and produced. I like it, I don’t love it, but I’ll continue to hit replay because it’s just that catchy.

Genre: Metalcore


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