Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Sleep Therapy – Ghost Atlas

Jesse continues to work hard, pulling double-duty with Ghost Atlas and Erra, and both of those bands put out albums this year. Though Erra is a great band, Ghost Atlas highlights Jesse’s gifting in simple-yet-compelling songwriting. This song evokes so much emotion through his strained voice in the chorus. His ability to give words to the emotions of his entire fanbase is impressive, and one look at the comments will highlight how much this song means to so many of his listeners. This acoustic track is worth a listen, even if you don’t usually like acoustic songs.

Genre: Acoustic/Alternative Rock


Letter To Myself – Widmore

Widmore is a band I found when they opened for Calling All Captains on their Western Canada tour, and I was immediately impressed. But when this single dropped a few months later, I knew these guys were the real deal. Their arrangements/four-part harmonies (that they do live) are reason enough to set them apart, making their blend of post-hardcore sound so fresh against their counterparts. This song has a chorus that’s head and shoulders above almost anything else they’ve written to this point, and the balance between melodic and heavy components makes it all the more compelling. This is a band you’ll want to keep both eyes on, as they have the ingredients to blow up soon.

Genre: Post-Hardcore


Studded Gucci Belt – Lil Aaron

This song got me in my nostalgia feelings, no question. Lil Aaron continues to hone his craft, and this Metro Station-sampled song is his clearest and catchiest song to date. Though short and most likely a joke song, I think this song showcases what Aaron does best, which is mix modern-day soundcloud/trap stylings with the late 90s/2000s scene kid world, complete with music video samplings and ironic vocals. I love it, and I can’t get enough of it. No, I won’t apologize for it.

Genre: Scene kid Hip-Hop


Immortal – Call It Tragedy

“Immortal” absolutely rips from start to finish. The punchy instrumentals kick the track off, inspiring listener stank-face. It’s always impressive when a European band makes it onto my radar, as I feel that’s exponentially harder to do than a NA band. However, CIT have done it, accents and all. Germany continues to be an underrated hotbed for metalcore bands, a trend which is continued by this band. Taking clear inspiration from genre juggernauts Polaris, Architects and Currents, Call It Tragedy are primed for a big year.

Genre: Metalcore


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