Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Trophy Boy – Headswell

Headswell is a newer band that sounds a lot like Trash Boat, but with some more straight-forward rock/grunge influences. “Trophy Boy” is a short song, clocking in at just over 2:30, but it utilizes each second, building throughout from a slow bouncing rhythm to the explosive closing minute. Though it’s short, it teases what the band is capable of, from engaging rock to anthemic lines worth shouting back at the vocalist with pointed fingers.

Genre: Emo Rock


Dead & Gone – Rising Insane

This type of metalcore is extremely popular right now, headlined by the likes of Architects, Currents, Crystal Lake and Polaris. However, I can’t get enough of it, so a new band playing this type of music is something I’m completely on board with. This German band are proving they deserve a spot at that table as well with this explosive single. Bouncing grooves and catchy riffs are plenty in this song, and fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy “Dead & Gone,” blegh’s included.

Genre: Metalcore


VeganLeather – Bones

Elmo, aka BONES, is one of the most influential and consistent rappers in the underground/SoundCloud scene. His prolific discography sees no drop off in quality, and this new single is no exception. He came up alongside $uicideBoy$, which is clear in their similar styles. However, this song really highlights his exceptional flow and lyricism that doesn’t always shine through in his music. “VeganLeather” is a straightforward, heavy-hitting banger worthy of clubs and festivals alike. Team Sesh til the end.

Genre: Lofi Hip-Hop


Haunt Me – While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps are the latest band to follow the Bring Me The Horizon model, transitioning from a great metalcore band into a hard-rock, radio-friendly band. That’s neither here nor there, as what’s important is it’s done well. Their singles thus far have been hit or miss, but this song hits for me. The second verse especially picks up nicely through a moving drum beat not often found in this style of music. The chorus keeps the song moving just in time for a bridge that is a little more of the same, and you can almost feel the tension between their two styles pulling on one another. Should they play a breakdown or not? They opt for something in the middle, and it leaves listeners wanting. However, the gang vocals and creative guitar work make this song well worth listening to.

Genre: Metalcore


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

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