Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks



Give It All – Conditions

After a four year hiatus, Conditions is back, and they’re back with a punch. This new track has the same energy their previous work did, picking up right where they left off. Riff-heavy and melodically sound, “Give It All” proves that Conditions is a band needed is a fairly stagnant genre right now. They have a way with their harmony work and dynamic shifts that many bands lack these days. Lyrically, this song hits home for so many fans going through rough patches in their lives, which is fitting since those who grew up on Conditions are likely in their early-mid twenties now. Their energy is unmistakable, and this song proudly declares that the band is back, as if they never left.

Genre: Rock


Quarter-Life Crisis – Judah & The Lion

Though Judah & The Lion has been around for a minute, they’ve finally been getting the steam and recognition they’ve long deserved over the past two years. “Quarter-Life Crisis” builds perfectly off this momentum, blending styles from contemporaries Mumford & Sons and Needtobreathe on this song. Furthermore, this single is extremely relatable for those my age who are living in a world that could very well be ending in the next twenty-five years. We’re all living in a constant state of Quarter-Life Crisis, so at least we have a good theme song to go with our panic attacks.

Genre: Folk Rock


Dancing With The Devil – Set It Off

“Dancing With The Devil” has a bit of a return to the cinematic elements that drew my attention to the band nearly eight years ago. The band knows their brand and the type of pop-rock music they want to play, quite similar to artists like Fall Out Boy and Panic! who used to play a more punk/abrasive type of music, but have found their sound in a more radio-friendly style. I have no beef with that, and props to Set It Off for doing what they want. However, this song has a tad bit of that edge that I first loved about them, and it’s exciting to see them push the boundaries, however slightly, on this track.

Genre: Pop Rock


Sleepless – Vespera

Vespera are relatively new to the scene, only becoming a band in 2016. However, they’ve made a name for themselves over the short three years, releasing singles that are so unique in a chug-heavy scene. Their blend of anthemic, aggressive rock with metalcore riffs is done so well they demand their listener’s attention. Both soaring choruses and creative musicianship does the band well as they continue to make new fans with each single they release.

Genre: Progressive Metalcore


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