Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Two to chill to, two to throw to.

Uncomfortably Numb Feat. Hayley Williams – American Football

American Football are officially back for LP3, and have called in the big guns to back them up this time around. Joined by Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams on this song, Uncomfortably Numb showcases American Football at their absolute best. Interwoven guitars and layered vocals lull listeners into a calm state, as American Football provide their perfect blend of math rock, emo and indie rock. Hayley is a welcome addition to a well-known formula, proving she can effortlessly join into almost any style of music.

Genre: Emo Math-Rock

Heaven’s Gate – Church Tongue

Church Tongue’s new track is absolutely blistering and is heavy from front to back. The song sees them build off their previous releases by channelling the best parts of both the metalcore and hardcore genre, meeting somewhere in the middle, like a mix between Vanna and Norma Jean. The riffs are unique, the song rips, and their effort is unmistakable. Keep your eyes on this band, as they’re one of the unique ones out there.

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Night Figures – Copeland

After a while away, it seems Copeland’s reunion is in full swing, with this new album marking the second LP since their reunion. Aaron Marsh is once again at the top of his game with this song, and the pitch-shifted vocals create an atmosphere unmatched in Copeland’s entire discography thus far. The Bon Iver/Francis and the Lights vibes take this looping song to another level, and the “Night Figures” are painted into listeners minds.

Genre: Indie Pop

Pray – Picturesque

Picturesque’s new single “Pray” sees the band venture into an R&B/soundcloud rap-infused post-hardcore song that brings artists like nothing,nowhere and Juice Wrld to mind. Lead Vocalist Kyle doesn’t hit his high range in this song as he has in the past, and it works well for this song. What’s unmistakable is how raw and honest this song is, leaving little to the imagination. The entire song delivers on honesty and emotion, both lyrically and musically, and in a world filled with subtweets and veiled language, it’s refreshing when an artist is open and upfront about their emotions.

Genre: R&B/Post-Hardcore


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