Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Eleventyone. Nostalgia and between-genres abound.

Womb of a Wounded Host – Ghost Atlas

Jesse, the artist behind Ghost Atlas, has a gift for melody that shines so brightly in this song. Though more acoustic than fans are used to hearing, “Womb of a Wounded Host” still features great harmonies, hooks, and well-crafted songwriting that we all know from him. There’s unmistakable energy similar to early Saosin that his music possesses, and obviously it can transcend genres as this is an acoustic track rather than a post-hardcore song. A great song that anybody will enjoy.

Genre: Acoustic/Alt. Rock


Sincerity is Scary – The 1975

Like many, I was highly anticipating The 1975’s latest album. However, the singles they released definitely didn’t “feel” like them, so I was a little worried. But have no fear, this incredible song is here. Blending soul and pop-rock vibes into this phenomenal song show they were just experimenting with the previous singles, and they still know how to write a good song. When combined with an incredible music video (laden with easter eggs to other music videos), there’s no question that this is a return to greatness for The 1975.

Genre: Pop Rock


Insecurity Checkpoint – WristMeetRazor

No, this isn’t 2004, and you aren’t in a new Hot Topic. Emo fans rejoice, the scene is coming back led by WristMeetRazor. Either you love it or hate it (I’m willing to bet most will hate it) but this is what I grew up on, and there’s something fresh to this while still being extremely nostalgic. Harkening back to early The Devil Wears Prada or Pg. 99, these guys wear their influences on their sleeve, and it’s so so great. If any of that sounds good to you, give it a shot.

Genre: Screamo


The Mint (Feat. Navy Blue) – Earl Sweatshirt

After 3 years away from the industry, Earl is back and better than ever. Coming up as part of Odd Future, it’s amazing to look at him, Tyler and Frank and the different directions they all ended up in. This song showcases what makes Earl so special, as his lyricism is what carries this song. He also raps on the 3/4 beat, which is incredibly unique and so hard to do. The beat has been said as being both behind and ahead of the times, which is a suitable description for most of Earl’s work. The beat is lo-fi and nostalgic, and so so pleasing to the ears, especially in a world of overproduced hip-hop that is almost exclusively trap beats.

Genre: Lo-fi Hip-Hop


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