Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Couldn’t choose so I’m featuring five tracks this week. Quite the spread of genres this week, and all are worth exploring.

Keeping Up – Microwave

After two years without new music, Microwave has finally dropped a new track and it’s incredible. One word that immediately comes to mind is haunting, with an almost droning baseline and constant guitar picking, but only in the best way. There are some beautiful lyrics in this song (I’ll still be washing dishes when I’m forty years old, or It’s not that I don’t care / I’m just awful at keeping up). It’s inspiring to see a band steer into the softer, quieter side of their sound and still do it so incredibly well. Nobody would consider this sound selling out, despite the lack of yelling. I love the song, the artwork, and the new direction.

Genre: Alt. Rock/Emo


Perennial – Spiritbox

I’m so glad iwrestledabearonce turned into this. I couldn’t stand IWABO, and these guys are incredible. Courtney’s vocals are impressive, and the musicianship stands on its own. Their old project always felt too chaotic for me to enjoy, so it’s nice to find a singular vision in this song for what they want to be. The guitar work is catchy and crisp, and I dig a lot of the progressive/djent-y moments. They have some beautiful ambiance in the guitar work, and each instrument stands out on its own in the mix. Combine all that with a beautifully shot video, and you have my attention.

Genre: Metalcore/Djent


Guiding Light – Mumford & Sons

What can I say that hasn’t been said. Mumford is back, and I couldn’t be happier. I first heard them on their television debut on David Letterman back in the beginning of 2010, and I knew they would be big. After a well-deserved hiatus, they’ve finally come back, and I will not grow sick of this song. It’s beautifully written, builds perfectly throughout, and features everything I loved about them when I first discovered them: harmonies, folk tendencies, and incredible lyrics. Make no mistake, they are back and are better than ever.

Genre: Folk Pop


Dread – nothing,nowhere.

Joe is at his peak right now, no one comes close to the artistry he has in this genre. His ability to perfectly portray the struggle with mental illness through his lyrics is unmatched, and he’s giving a voice to those who don’t have words to explain how they feel. His style of sing-rapping is unique and beautiful, complimented beautifully by his melancholy beats. He has a unique way of using guitars and riffs in his beats that only a few others have done well (Lil Peep, Post Malone), and those beats are what take his music from good to great. The pain in his music is real, honest and raw, and there’s no sense of performative pandering in any of it. Fans appreciate it, and their support shows it.

Genre: Emo Hip-Hop


Detatch – Ghost Key

Moving away from the straight-up hardcore and finding space between it and metalcore was one of the best decisions this band could have made. This sound and this song is a huge step forward for an already talented band. What truly stands out on this song is the chorus, with lines that deserve a crowd shouting it back at the band (I aim to find my way out). The guitar layers show some serious growth and prove that this band has sights on the front of the scene as they continue on. Aiding the music progression is some great production that their prior album lacked. Excited to see where these guys go next.

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

If you wanna hear more, here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs I’ve ever featured. Throw it on shuffle and find something new.