Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


It’s crazy to think I’ve done this for two years already, and this is my hundredth post of these. I hope you keep finding new music to enjoy, here’s to 100 more! We’re a ways behind due to some busy schedules, but I’m determined to give the music over the past four months some love.


Fragile – Capsize

I became a Capsize fan when I saw them open for Being As An Ocean and Fit For A King shortly after they released The Angst In My Veins. Though they never really caught on quite like I thought they would, they continue to put out great songs, this one included. There’s some clear influence from early-mid 2000s post-hardcore (From First To Last, The Used) and Nu-Metal. That breakdown in the middle takes a good song and makes it a great song.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore/Post-Hardcore


Lavender Bones – Stand Atlantic

Stand Atlantic is the next big thing in the scene, and they fully deserve it. I love everything they’ve done, and this song shows the progression they’ve made between their EP and this album. Absolutely infectious, catchy hooks, lyrics and melodies. This truly is the quintessential honesty album. Bonnie has a great, unique voice with absolute pipes to match. No Paramore comparisons here, this band is completely unique and deserves everyone’s attention.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Reach – Familiar Spirit

Lots of people will say they’re just copying Northland or Invent Animate, and it might be true. I just don’t care. This style of metalcore was made for me, with cleaner guitar tones and dropped tuning on 7 strings, atmospheric noises and slow breakdowns. I can’t get enough of it, and though not original, Familiar Spirit does it well. This band is talented, and I’m excited to watch them grow and develop a sound unique to themselves. In the meantime though, this bangs.

Genre: Metalcore


Where You Are – Bearings

Bearings continue to prove they have a grasp on what creative pop-punk sounds like. This isn’t your cookiecutter copy band, as they combine the midwest emo sound with grunge and pop-punk, like a grittier Transit. “Where You Are” shows that Bearings isn’t slowing down any time soon, and they’ve only grown in their songwriting. These guys deserve far more hype than they’ve been given, so I’m doing my part and telling you to check them out.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

If you wanna hear more, here’s a Spotify playlist with all the songs I’ve ever featured. Throw it on shuffle and find something new.