Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Two chill songs and two bangers. Some highs and lows for this week.

It Don’t Exist – Bayside

Bayside’s Acoustic Volume 2 is on its way, and if this is any signifier of the quality on the album, it will be worth buying. Bayside’s strongest component has always been the lyrical and melodic stylings of Anthony Raneri, and an acoustic album showcases both perfectly. A beautiful singalong song, “It Don’t Exist” is one of those songs that is both happy and sad at the same time, and perfectly portrays the ups and downs of love.

Genre: Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter


Starve – Blood Youth

A lot of bands have tried to bring back the Nu-Metal vibes, but few do it as well as Blood Youth can. From the sound of the snare to the guitar riffs, these guys have found a way to completely modernize a 90s genre, added by current vocal stylings and lyrics, as well as bone-crunching breakdowns. They channel so much groove into their songs, keeping heads bobbing. These guys truly don’t disappoint, and I’m convinced they’ll be the next big thing in this genre.

Genre: Nu-Metalcore


Take Me As You Please – The Story So Far

Arguably the best song TSSF have ever recorded, “Take Me As You Please” has the band channelling a sound they engaged with only once before on their ever-popular song “Clairvoyant.” This song marks the completion of a progression for the band that started last album, as they continue to progress away from the genre that made them popular. Many have compared their journey to that of fellow pop-punk band Turnover, and I wholly agree. Lyrically, Parker explores his past drug use, reflected in the video by the yellow and purple beings, and how he’s coming out the other side of the journey. An absolutely beautiful song and video, this is one everyone should listen to.

Genre: Pop-Punk/Shoegaze


Truth Be Told – Homebound

Though not musically that different from their previous release, Homebound double down on what they did so well last time around. Their aggressive punk sound, accompanied by brilliant harmonies and unique instrumentals establish them as a band to watch in the genre as they’ve consistently put out both lyrically and musically catchy and solid pop-punk songs. They have a lot in common with Trash Boat, as both lean heavily into the punk side of the pop-punk genre, a welcome change from the bubblegum pop-punk put out by a lot of the bands in this genre.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Thanks for checking out another post about incredible new music. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you support it.

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