Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Three hard-hitting tracks accompanied by one beautiful, melodic story.

Misgiver – Stasis

Local band Stasis has dropped a new single following their debut LP last year, and even in that short time, this single shows the progression they’ve made as a band. Most notable is Callum’s vocal style change, and I fully believe it’s for the best. It’s notable that Dreambound is promoting them, meaning they’re gaining traction outside of BC/Canada, which is a hard stat to measure when you’re in that area. Their live show has also improved, and if they continue on this path, there’s no telling where they can go. Fellow Canadian Band Counterparts serves as an obvious inspiration and comparison, but while paying homage to them, Stasis does enough to set themselves apart, serving as more than just a “copycat” band that often happens in this genre. As usual, the production is killer, and the artwork works well with the overall aesthetic of the band. Keep your eyes on these boys.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore


Greyscale – Abandoned By Bears

Though Abandoned By Bears are usually an easycore band in a similar vein to A Day to Remember, this song sees them embrace their heavy influences, as this song has far more in common with Architects or Erra than ADTR. What’s most notable is that this song is incredible to share space with those two bands, as it truly stands apart. The guitar work in this song in atmospheric at times, and when combined with the creative djent breakdowns, it creates a catchy, headbanging song. While I really enjoy their easycore stuff, I would love it if ABB just went full metalcore, as this song proves they have something original to bring to the genre.

Genre: Metalcore, Easycore


Julia (Or, ‘Holy to the Lord’ on the Bells of Horses) – mewithoutYou

mewithoutYou are one of those bands that could do anything they want, and I’d be a fan. Similar to a band like Thrice (and this song sounds a lot like Thrice), mwY continue to progress and evolve as a band, taking many artists as influences and create beautiful songs. What sets both bands apart are their attention to lyrics. This isn’t to say that the music isn’t a focus; it clearly is as this song showcases a beautiful guitar lick that continues throughout the song. However, far too many bands leave lyrics to be the last part of the music process and therefore give it the least amount of time. mwY love stories, Aaron Weiss loves stories. So without fail his lyrics will carry some weight and will require time to explore and unpack. This song is no different. I’m thrilled that they’ve signed to RFC Records, as it’s a perfect fit for them. What a beautiful song.

Genre: Indie Rock


When Everything Means Nothing – Fit For A King

It seems Fit For A King are moving away from the ‘core’ aspect of their history into a more accessible metal sound that could be on Octane or the like, similar to bands like Of Mice & Men and Bring Me The Horizon have done. However, this single stands out to me, starting off like an Amity Affliction song with beautiful, weighty clean vocals talking about mental health before diving into some heavy guitar with Ryan’s signature screams. The bridge/breakdown also sounds a lot like Bring Me’s last two albums, which could be good or bad, depending on how you feel about the progression. What’s unmistakable is the passion Tuck and Ryan bring vocally to this song, and I feel both of them flex big, showing their range and emotion, and that’s what sets this song apart.

Genre: Deathcore


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