Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


4 incredible songs this week from some of the best bands around.

Thru These Tears – LANY

There’s no question that Paul is heartbroken from his break-up with Dua Lipa, but it seems it spurred the band to create a more cohesive and mature sound. As I mentioned in my review of their album last year, it felt like a compilation rather than an album with a uniform sound. Thus far, this album is shaping up to have that missing uniformity. There’s a theme throughout, and a musical direction that vibes with that theme. LANY continues to progress and show why they deserve the attention of everyone, as they are able to write catchy, beautifully melodic songs that belong on the radio. They aren’t bubblegum pop, and they aren’t a formulaic artist with clear label heads directing their every move. They are true artists with global appeal, and they’ll continue to get bigger and bigger. This song is just the beginning. Pay attention.

Genre: Synth-pop


Disconnect – Basement

As Basement continues in their career as a band, they gradually show their influences more and more, and it’s beautiful. Clearly, this song, and potentially album, are inspired by the early-mid 2000s emo sound like Jimmy Eat World. “Disconnect” sees the band prove their melodic prowess, featuring one of the catchiest choruses of their career. As many fans have noted, the gritty vocals of early Basement are missing, and perhaps that would offer the song a bit more of a punch. However, I love the clear, clean crisp vocals as it is, offering a more accessible and pure sound, truly paying tribute to their influences.

Genre: Emo Rock


Lost – If I Were You

Drawing from bands like Polaris, Architects and For All Eternity, If I Were You showcase a sound harkening back to the mid-2000s explosion of metalcore, while taking all the progressions in the genre and adding them to that energy. This song goes hard, that much is unmistakable. The band has created some of the catchiest breakdowns of 2018. They’ve brought in a lot of electronic elements akin to Rise Records like Woe, Is Me, I See Stars and A Skylit Drive. What sets this song apart is the heavy drop-tuning with polyrhythmic breakdowns from 1:30-2:00 and 3:10-4:10. Keep your eye out for this release, as it may boost the band in a big way.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore


Smile – Hellions

Though Hellions continues to change their sound/genre with each album they release, they do each one with such talent and poise that I honestly don’t mind. This song is wildly catchy, proving that even hardcore kids can write an anthemic, melodic song with beautiful harmonies. Honestly, this song belongs in areas around the world, with its anthemic chorus and beautiful refrain. It’s so hopeful, so well executed, and so catchy. These guys continue to stretch their songwriting legs and prove that they are some of the most versatile in the genre.

Genre: Alternative Rock


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