Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Back to the consistent 4 tracks per week, with a lot of original/new bands featured this week. I haven’t covered any of these bands before, and they all have an extremely unique sound.


13LACK 13ALLOONZ Feat. Twelve’len & GoldLink – Denzel Curry

Though Denzel made his name off the song “Ultimate,” which I’m sure everyone has heard in a vine or YouTube video at some point. This song sees Curry distance himself from that style in both beat and flow. This song channels a lot of 90s/early 00s alternative hip-hop, especially artists like Andre 3000/OutKast. The R&B/Hip-Hop blend is executed flawlessly, and while the beat is inspired, it doesn’t take away from Curry’s lyrics as he flexes his writing ability, at times sounding like J.Cole. This jazzy, vibey inspiration flies in the face of the current state of the genre, as Denzel fights against the trap, mumble-rap scene that he could so easily join. This song is worth attention for that reason alone.

Genre: Hip-Hop


27 – Make Them Suffer

Though I’m used to much longer songs from this band, a three-minute song is a nice change up. This song is built around the concept of always being connected, and every aspect of the song plays into that hand. The guitar sounds like dial-up tones at times, the video is obviously playing off the darknet, and and the lyrics. Look at this line: “We’re screaming 00011011.” Concept albums are incredible, and the amount of thought that went into this one song’s concept trumps almost all concept albums. The song bangs, and sees the band branching further into the progressive/djent side of the genre much like Periphery. The riffs slay, the breakdowns bang, and I’m loving every second of it. I’m curiously waiting to see if this concept will be the entire album, because that will be fascinating.

Genre: Progressive Metal


Calloused Hands – SHVPES

Immediately, the guitar work is reminiscent of Refused before dropping into instrumentals akin to Hands Like Houses, with vocal stylings like Jason Butler of letlive and The Fever 333. This interesting mix works surprisingly well, keeping me intrigued the entire song. The vocals bounce between unique cleans, rapping, and screaming. Though the lead singer, Griffin Dickinson, could easily coast off his Father’s fame in the music industry, as he’s the lead singer of Iron Maiden, Shvpes have decided to forge their own path into the post-hardcore/metalcore scene, and have quite the sound. Once they polish their sound, I think they’ll have quite a successful career in this scene.

Genre: Post-Hardcore


Lifeboat – The Threats

If you’re thinking this sounds like The Chariot, you’d be correct. This band features their two of their old guitarists (Bryan Taylor & Jon Terrey), and drummer (David Kennedy). Taylor serves as the vocalist in this band, channeling a lot of Scogin, while not being derivative of him. Their blend of chaotic noise akin to Greyhaven, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, and The Chariot is jam-packed with energy, rawness, and riffs. What I adore about this song is around three minutes in, they break into a groovy breakdown that was only done by ETID until now. This band is going places, and I’m along for the ride.

Genre: Experimental Hardcore/Chaoscore


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