Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


Every year there’s at least one week where a ton of incredible new music comes out and I can’t pick just four tracks. This was that week. Dive in on these eight tracks and I promise you’ll find something to nod your head to. Some songs rip, some songs are chill, some bang, and some vibe.

Disease – Beartooth

Caleb Shomo is back with his infectious blend of raw hardcore and metalcore. Disease picks up where the last album left off with a catchy chorus, blaring guitars and unmistakable energy. The chorus features a rhythm similar to a breakdown, and it’s paired perfectly with an emotional chorus. Though the song doesn’t offer a lot as far as dynamics go, it’s consistently enjoyable and stays on brand for what Shomo is known for: energy, passion, and raw rock & roll.

Genre: Metalcore

Disconnected – Calling All Captains

I’m so thrilled these good Canadian boys from Edmonton have signed to Equal Vision Records after years of seeing them on bills as they came through Kelowna countless times. This is well deserved. Calling All Captains blend of punk vocals with catchy guitar licks deserves more attention, as showcased perfectly in “Disconnected.” There’s some serious influence from current pop-punk stars like Knuckle Puck and The Story So Far, while injecting their own perspective on things into the song. At just under 2:30, the bridge kicks in, which is my favourite part of the song. The band knows exactly what the song needs, and gives it a breath of reprieve before jumping back into the chorus. Well written, catchy, bouncy, and overall amazing. Can’t wait for more.

Genre: Pop-Punk

Monument – Counterparts

I didn’t think we’d get new Counterparts this soon, but you’ll never catch me complaining. One of the hardest working and hardest hitting bands in the genre, Counterparts put out the album of their careers last year only to follow it up with this short EP featuring songs that didn’t quite make the cut from their past two records. And boy am I glad they’re releasing them. This song, clocking in at under two minutes, is unrelenting throughout the entire time, never letting up. This energy is what they’re known for, but this song goes above and beyond that. Pit safely, kids. This one’s a doozy.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Long Live the Champion Feat. Yariel & Gabriel Rodriguez EMC – KB

First things first, Cardec absolutely killed the beat. The production is top notch, bringing the vibes for sure. This song is like if Cardi B’s I Like It & Camila Cabello’s Havana had a baby, and it was actually a good song. Unlike many CHH artists, KB is comfortable staying in the Christian market, and yet it hasn’t hindered his art or success at all. This song, a one-off single featured on Reach Records’ Summer Eighteen mixtape, proves that he knows how to pick his producers, write an incredible song, and keep both the content and quality at top-notch. KB keeps putting out bangers, and I keep listening.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Espana

Ecstasy – Normandie

Rock is a genre that has largely fallen by the wayside, kept alive by red state rock fests and bands playing the same old riffs over and over. To stand out in this stagnant genre is hard to do. Enter Normandie, and their incredible single Ecstasy. Their ability to write a song full of life is unmistakable. Taking inspiration from bands like Hands Like Houses and You Me At Six, Normandie keeps the energy and style the same while injecting life into the genre, with a chorus that soars, riffs that crunch and a passion that makes everything they do riveting. Rock’s not dead yet, folks.

Genre: Rock

Let It Go – The Story So Far

The Story So Far is one of my favourite bands of all time. This return was long overdue, but boy was it worth the wait. “Let It Go” shows clear growth and maturity in their songwriting, while still containing the same style and passion that made them catch my ear in the first place. There’s some clear blink influence, and the production is a little hazy, but I think that’s what makes it unique. If I want a bubblegum pop-punk record, I’d go listen to All Time Low and State Champs. TSSF come with a certain level of grittiness and that’s what sets them apart. They’ve mellowed out a little, thrown some reverb on there, and played their hearts out. I love it, and it’ll be in my top-listened this year on spotify, no doubt in my mind.

Genre: Pop-Punk

Fourth of July (Sufjan Stevens Cover) – Valleyheart

Sufjan deserved the Oscar last February, and I was heartbroken for him. However, a hauntingly beautiful cover by Valleyheart is an incredible consolation. These guys do complete justice to the original song while adding their own flavour to an already beautiful song. I’m always cautious when a band cover an already-incredible song because they rarely do it justice, and when they do, it means not much was added to it. This is one of those rare occurrences where the original is better because of this cover. Valleyheart offers a beautiful blend of indie rock and singer-songwriter folk in this cover, a beautiful blend. I’m still waiting on their debut album, but this will hold me over until then.

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock

Rose Coloured Glass – Youth Fountain

First things first, congrats to these Vancouver boys on signing to Pure Noise Records. That’s huge. This song is incredibly catchy, offering amazing harmonies and beautiful imagery. Youth Fountain (formerly known as Bedroom Talk) has a unique two-vocalist approach, with each of them having a significantly distinct voice from the other, causing the harmonies and vocal trades to stand out. This is a beautiful song, evoking emotions of love and loss, aided by the passion and energy that Youth Fountain is making into their trademark. Well done, can’t wait for some new stuff.

Genre: Pop-Punk


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