Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


4 plus a bonus cause music stay winning.

Motions – Aaron Cole

Move over Drake, Aaron Cole’s in the house. This song has a dope beat and has a great blend of R&B and Hip-hop styles in the vein that Drake has popularized. There are some serious 90s vibes in this song in the video and in the song, which features a sample from Out of Eden, the Christian version of Destiny’s Child and TLC. Though the song is super vibey, the lyrics are potent, speaking of friends who aren’t really friends, snaking around and trying to drag everyone down. Great song, great video.

Genre: R&B/Drake vibes


Breach – Erra

I can’t get this song out of my head. I’m loving the direction JT and the Erra boys are going. This song is full of tasty riffs, especially around 1:50 in. It’s extremely Architects-esque, while staying very true to their sound and their talent is all over the track. The vocals (both clean and screamed), the song structure, the solo, and those heavy heavy riffs make this song one of the best they have written. That closing breakdown hits so hard, I just want it to play over and over.

Genre: Metalcore


Had It Coming – Like Pacific

The Ontario Pop-Punkers are back for another album, and their songwriting has gotten better, while their passion is consistent. The song has a great intro, diving straight into the unique and intricate pop-punk guitar work this band is known for. What I love about LP is that they steer pretty hard into the punk side of the pop-punk spectrum, and the yelled vocals add this grit a lot of polished bands miss. Jordan’s lyrics cut deep, and his voice rips. There is so much passion and talent in this band, and are definitely worth paying attention to.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Didn’t I – Lecrae & Andy Mineo

Lecrae and Andy finally calling out the toxic culture of Christian Hip-Hop, and I am here for it. The beat and production honestly have a Kanye West vibe for it, especially in terms of Watch The Throne. It’s an absolute killer song about them calling out all the haters who say they sold out or don’t care about Christ anymore. It’s a vibing track, with two of the best hip-hop artists working today, in the studio with Wordsplayed, one of my personal favourites, throwing down a little stand-up set at the end of the song. “To throw a touchdown, you gotta throw a few interceptions” is such a great line, and I want a mixtape now.

Genre: Hip-Hop


Build For You (Feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet) – Mothersound

This song absolutely rips. The instrumentals are incredible, somewhere between Wage War & Silent Planet, and it hits hard. Lyrically, these guys aren’t afraid to be political, and one look at the YouTube comments proves that there are plenty of people who will write them off just for that. Having Garrett, one of the most socially conscious and nicest people in the scene, feature on your song about racism surely helps the cause, and his feature is really well executed. Confronting colonial results is something close to my heart, and this song hits the nail on the head. I’m very much looking forward to their album.

Genre: Metalcore


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