Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


After taking the summer off, it’s time to get back to the music! I’ll double up until I’m caught up, and there are some great weeks coming up!

This week features a lot of heavy music, so if you’re not into that, I’m sorry. But maybe it’s time to give it a shot! There’s a variety featured here within the heavy realm, so maybe you’ll find something you’ll like. Let’s get into it!

Phobia – Fear Culture

Imagine Architects-esque guitars with a vocalist somewhere between Rory of Dayseeker and Chris of Like Moths To Flames, and you’d get Fear Culture. This song hits hard, both instrumentally and lyrically. But what sets this band apart from others in the genre is the emotion in the vocalists delivery. He gives it all, and it’s unmistakable. I love how bouncy the guitar work is, and the dynamics from heavy to soft is done effectively. It’s a song that hits you hard and lingers after the last note rings out.

Genre: Metalcore


Hell – Sleep Waker

Okay so Wage War is huge, but if they went a more Nu-metal direction, this is what they’d sound like. Seriously, the crisp, bouncy, riff-focused guitar work followed by the catchiest breakdowns in this song and incredible. The vocalist has some serious power behind his guttural screams, and he’s got a range with some highs in there as well. On a purely aesthetic level, the mix of this song is incredible (shout out to Lee Albrecht), making the drums punchy and the lo-fi moments effective. This song rips and the breakdowns hit hard.

Genre: Nu-Metalcore


Old Soul – Trash Boat

Leave it to Trash Boat to make me emotional. These guys continue to impress me with their range and songwriting ability. Their brand of pop-punk is heavily influenced by the original punk/hardcore sound in both vocals and instrumentals, and even in a soft song like this, you can still hear those influences. What’s unmistakable is their passion for the art they create. You can tell they poured their heart and soul into this song and this album. The artistic passion to match a video to a beautiful song is no small feat. Please give this incredible song a chance to blow you away.

Genre: Pop-Punk/Melodic Hardcore


Incinerate – Unearth

It’s been four years since their last album, and some fans (myself included) thought they were done. But nope, here they are, surprising us with another track that rips! The metalcore style they play is synonymous with the era they started in the late 90s/early 00s, much like As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through and others, where shredding and anthemic choruses were more important a big breakdown. Though Unearth is one of the forefathers, they seem to be taking a page out of the Knocked Loose book with the high-pitched dissonant chords that are becoming more and more popular. This song features an almost-hardcore verse, with more shouted vocals and palm-muted guitars before jumping back into the harmonized guitar riffs. This song bangs, and I’m glad the boys are don’t yet.

Genre: Old-School Metalcore


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: