Tuesday’s Top Tasty Tracks


A song of summer, a reunion, some locals and banger. This one is special.

Death Cheater – Handguns

Man, it’s nice to have Handguns back. The boys are reunited and it feels so good. The energy they bring to their music is unmatched, and every hook they write gets stuck in my head. This song has everything pop-punk needs: gang vocals, fast drumming, catchy leads, fast rhythms, and layered vocals to close out the song. I can’t say much more than I love it, and I’m so glad they’re back.

Genre: Pop-Punk


Under The Sun – Roosevelt

The synth song of the summer is here, and it grooves. There’s a certain sense of familiarity Roosevelt brings to his songs, and this is no different. This song would be perfect at the beach or a pool party. The sweeping synth lines, matched by the funk bass and four-on-the-floor beat all and to that need to move. Not to dance, necessarily, but just to move. Bob your head, tap your toes, wiggle your ears, whatever. It gets you moving. That’s what makes it a great, great song.

Genre: Synthpop


Coffee Run – Yard Sale

Local boys represent! Yard Sale are a Kelowna local pop-punk band that have recently released their new EP. I wanted to showcase their single not just because they’re local but because it rips. Their brand of pop-punk is heavy on the punk aspect with extremely gritty vocals and grungy guitars. They pull influences from a few different places, creating a fresh, raw sound that isn’t your run of the mill pop-punk that this genre usually touts. The whole EP rips, but this song is definitely one of the standouts with creative lyrics, moody dissonant guitars and vocals on point. If you dig this, you can download it for free here.

Genre: Pop-Punk


No Faith No Space – Kingdom of Giants

KoG never disappoint, this song included. This band is approaching Architects-level guitar work in both their consistency and technicality. I always enjoy these guys, but this song is a step up from their previous work as the clean vocals have real power and grit behind them now. From start to finish, this song has emotion and power, and is dynamic with both soft and heavy moments. These guys continue to grow as musicians and songwriters, and I’m thrilled that they’re putting out a new album. Can’t wait.

Genre: Metalcore


As always, you can listen to all of the TetraT songs at this playlist here: